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Season 2, Episode 1: "Madame Ex"

Written by: Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by: Randall Zisk
Original airdate: September 18, 1994

Guest stars: Emma Samms as Arianna Carlin;

Thomas Ryan as CaptainKeane;

Denise Crosby a Dr. Gretchen Kelly;

Earl Boen as Dr. Heller;

Jack Kruschen as Detective Ryder;

Barry Livingston as Sheldon Bender.

The ex-Mrs. Luthor, Arianna Carlin, has a plastic surgeon create a woman who looks identical to Lois and then kills the doctor who did the plastic surgery. Meanwhile, anti-Superman sentiment seems to be running rampant because he didn't save Lex. In addition, Carlin gets herself a job as the Planet's staff psychologist. When Lois and Clark investigate the plastic surgeon's murder, they are surprised when a homeless man who was near the body says that he saw Lois there. As part of their maniacal devotion, Carlin and Dr. Gretchen Kelly, Luthor's physician, have stolen

Lex's body and are attempting to regenerate him. At the reading of Lex's will, Lois is shocked to discover that Lex had an ex-wife, who Luthor never mentioned. Later, Lois gets arrested for stealing her engagement ring from Lex's, but, given Dr. Carlin's diagnosis, Perry and Clark are skeptical about her claim that there is someone out there that looks just like her. Nonetheless, Clark assists Lois, and they look for the doctor's recent patients. They discover that the last surgery he performed was paid for by the corporation which pays Lex's ex-wife's annuity, and they are doubly shocked to discover that Carlin is the ex-Mrs. Luthor. Meanwhile, the look-alike gases everyone at the Planet.

While Superman saves them, Lois chases after the look-alike and gets captured by Carlin. Clark also figures out that the anti-Superman sentiment is caused by the subliminal messages that Carlin has been putting in her advice columns. Yet, when Superman goes after Lois, Carlin shoots him with a kryptonite bullet. Lois awakens and takes the bullet out, and Superman catches Carlin. Upon Perry's suggestion, Lois agrees to take some time off, and, unknown to anyone, Gretchen persists in her attempt to bring Lex back.

Classic Lines:
1. Daily Planet staff member: Are you nuts? Luthor was a lowlife, scum-sucking criminal. How could anybody . . . like . . . that . . . guy? Sorry, Lois.

2. Lois: Dr. Carlin, a lot of people have tried to get me on a couch, and, after all this time, I don't think I'm gonna start with a psychiatrist.

3. Lois: Nobody knows me better than me. And believe me, I'm fine.
Clark: Oh, is that why you have all those candybars in your desk drawer?
Lois: Those are for emergency, in case I have some drastic drop in
blood sugar level. And what were you doing in my drawers anyway?

4. Lois: Who are these idiots?
Clark: Well, whoever they are, they were clever enough to create an acrostic.
Lois: A what?
Clark: An acrostic. It's a word or a message subliminally hidden in a series of lines. In this case, the first letter of each one of these words spells the word "stop."
Lois: Oh, well, they're still idiots.

5. Lois: Yeah, I'd like to meet the woman that said "I do" before I did . .. . almost did . . . didn't.

6. Lois: No, of course not, I sleep alone . . . by choice.

7. Lois: But, my reporter's instinct says something's up. What does
your instinct say?

Clark: My instincts say, never argue with a woman who's just been
behind bars.

8. Lois: You still think I'm crazy?
Clark: I think you're brilliant. But there is a fine line between
brilliance and lunacy.

9. Lois: Something like me?
Captain Keane: No much prettier and really built.

10. Lois: Wow, you look great. Little heavy on the eyeliner I think.

Lois double: Sorry, but you're a little plain for me.
Lois: Plain? Sure beats whatever shopping channel convinced you that was a good look.
Lois double: Hey, you gotta look like a prissy, glorified typist, you gotta dress the part.
Lois: Well, my hair has a lot more bounce than this cheap wig.

11. Lois: And, guys, try not to let this place fall apart while I'm gone.
Perry: Yep, that's our Lois.
Clark: The genuine article



Season 2, Episode 2: "Wall of Sound"

Written by: John McNamara
Directed by: Alan J. Levi
Original airdate: September 25, 1995
Guest stars: Michael Des Barres as Lenny Stoke; Scott Colomby as
Derek Camden.


Anticipating a Kerth award nomination, Lois invites Clark to be her date, but it is Clark who gets nominated. When Lois goes to the bank, she and all of the others patrons pass out, and the bank is robbed. When they awaken, they hear a message from the guy who staged it. Clark gets a tape from bank security, which puts Lois and Jimmy to sleep, and they discover that it is the sound that is doing it. Lois and Clark find four experts on sounds, but only two are around, so they track down one -- a rock musician named Lenny Stoke.

When Superman tries to stop another robbery, a sound stops him, but he gets away, and Lois and Clark disagree over who is the best suspect. Meanwhile, Jimmy sees one of the robbers from the bank and chases him down, and both Lois and Clark end up at Lenny Stoke's club -- Lois as a trashy groupie. In the mean time, Jimmy gets caught, and Lois gets close to Stoke and plants a bug on him. Stoke blackmails the city, threatening them with harsh sounds if he doesn't get paid.  Superman saves Jimmy and tries to disable the speakers, but Stoke stops him with a sound made especially for him. So Lois and Clark track down the other expert, and he tells them to look for the power source of the transmissions. They learn that Stoke intends to destroy City Hall and that he is getting power from lines beneath the city. Superman breaks in, but Stoke grabs Lois and engulfs them in an impenetrable wall of sound. Nonetheless, Superman creates a sonic boom, grabs the gun, and shuts off the power. Lois goes with Clark, as he wins the Kerth award, and, later that night, she gives Superman a rose and a kiss on the cheek.

Classic Lines:
1. Jimmy: Wow, first sound that can put a whole room to sleep.
Lois: No, I think Yanni did it first.

2. Perry: Now, Lois, don't you have anything to say to Clark?
Lois: Uh, right. Clark, I, uh, I'm very, uh . . .
Clark: Surprised?
Lois: Stunned, shocked, in need of oxygen.

3. Clark: Since we already went ahead and made plans, I was wondering if you'd like to go to the Kerth Awards?

Lois: You mean as your date?

Clark: I was gonna go as yours.
Lois: So, you want me to hang on your arm and smile and tell people how proud I am of my great big reporter man?
Clark: Sounds good to me. Lois, I'm kidding. You know, we'd have fun and since you
already bought that dress . . .
Lois: I did not buy that dress for the Awards. I bought that dress around the same time as the Awards. It was a coincidence. And, to tell you the truth, I didn't even like the stupid thing, and I'm returning it.
Clark: Lois, you're not upset because I got nominated . . .
Lois: That is ridiculous. We both did great stories. Mine destroyed an international drug network, and yours told the really searing truth about old people. And, and, I can't believe that. I mean there's gotta be some mistake. They lost my story, or their brains were taken over by aliens or something, because. . . . Oh, God, look at me. This is really pathetic, isn't it? I didn't know I could be this small. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

4. Lois: Notice how I'm not getting mad about this? You know why?
Because I'm a lot bigger than that (kicks a garbage can).

5. Perry: Son, I've seen her like this before. The doors are locked,
the alarm's on, and you ain't gettin' in.

6. Lois: Clark, have I lost something?
Clark: Your fashion sense.

7. Clark: Lois, you're kinda babbling.
Lois: I know. See, I never babble.
Clark: Are you kidding? You're a brook.

8. Clark: What do you stay up night memorizing maps?
Lois: So.

9. Lois: So, how did I rate as a date?
Clark: Oh, A-plus.
Lois: I hung on your arm decoratively.
Clark: You did.
Lois: Fawned appropriately.
Clark: Absolutely.
Lois: And just faded into the background during your big moment.
Clark: You were beautiful yet invisible.
Lois: Mmm, make me go through another night like that, and I'll rip out your spleen.



Season 2, Episode 3: "The Source"

Written by: Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by: John T. Kretchmer
Original airdate: October 2, 1994
Guest stars: Tim Grimm as Eric Thorpe; Barry Livingston as Sheldon
Bender; Jeffrey
Joseph as Oliver Bartlett; Patrick Pankhurst as Daniel
Hansen; Peter Scolari as Stuart Hofferman.

A source, Stuart Hofferman, tells Lois that an almost-accident at an amusement park was not an accident: Viologic, the company which manufactured the switches knew that they were defective because he had written a report about them. The new billionaire owner of the company wants to make it look like sabotage and makes Hofferman lie about it. When Lois and Stuart are almost killed, Superman saves them, but Lois brings Stuart back to Clark's to hide. Clark overhears a conversation that demonstrates that the company is paying off a man running for governor. When Lois and Clark return to his place, however, Stuart is gone, and everyone believes him to be dead.

After the Planet is sued for libel, Perry is forced to suspend Lois, causing her to go into a deep depression. Superman talks Lois into fighting for what she believes in, and she figures out that Stuart is not dead but merely hiding. Lois, Clark and Stuart break into Viologic and discover that the switches are still being sold and are on the new subway, along with the Kents and the Governor. In the end, Superman saves them all, and Lois is reinstated.

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: Excuse me, no cuts.
Little girl: Who are you?
Lois: Lois Lane, the reporter.
Little girl: Big deal. My mom signs your checks.
Lois: Well, that's no reason to be rude.
Little girl: Since when? Hey, you wanna race? Loser buys cotton candy.
Lois: Just cotton candy?
Little girl: On what you make, that's probably all you can afford.
Clark: Lois, come on, she's just a kid.
Lois: You're on.
* * *
Lois: My favorite flavor is pink.

2. Martha: I just hate it when he inhales his food.

3. Lois: A kick? It needs a kick? He's joking. He's a trainee, they
do that.
Clark: Well, it couldn't hurt to try, Ms. Jefferson.
Lois: (Lois kicks the copier and looks at Clark). He, he, maybe I'm kicking the wrong thing.

4. Superman: Lois, if anyone knows what it's like to be on the outside, Ido. Sometimes I feel like I'm out there fighting all alone. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But, then I remember that what I stand for is more important than anything else.
Your work is important to the people of Metropolis. You're a brilliant, passionate journalist. Adversity has never stopped you before. Don't let it start now.
Lois: That's funny. Clark said the same thing.
Superman: I'm not surprised. Clark is a very smart guy.
* * *
Superman: Lois, don't stop believing in yourself. I haven't

5. Clark: Lois, it's past babbling hour. Could you get to the point?

6. Lois: Our byline is gonna look great on a Pulitzer someday.
Clark: Yeah, but whose name is gonna go first?
Lois: Mine, of course.
Clark: It is great to have you back, partner.



Season 2, Episode 4: "The Prankster"

Written by: Grant Rosenberg
Directed by: James Hayman
Original airdate: October 9, 1994
Guest stars: Bronson Pinchot as Kyle Griffin/The Prankster; Rick
Overton as Victor;
Harold Gould as Edwin Griffin; Leonard Termo; John
Fleck and J.D.

At an art benefit which the Daily Planet crew is attending, Lois receives a gift from a secret admirer. However, when the gift shatters all of the glass in the museum, it allows the theft of a diamond by the Prankster and his sidekick. Next, he sends Lois a diamond ring which causes her fingers to itch. Lois then recalls a secret admirer who sent her jewelry in college and goes to confront him. However, he turns out to be a successful software designer, and Clark gloats when he hardly remembers her and when he paints a different picture of their college days.

The Prankster, in addition to plotting to sell to terrorists high-tech weaponry which vaporizes things, wants to even the score with Lois, who wrote a story five years ago which sent him to prison. When Lois begins to fear for her life because of the Prankster, she spends the night at Clark's. Later, in order to give his buyers a demonstration, the Prankster kidnaps Lois and attempts to vaporize the Planet, but Superman foils his plan. Lois fights her way out and captures the bad guys. And Clark sends Lois flowers.

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: I haven't been able to think of anyone who likes me enough to send me a. . . . I'm still workin' on it.

2. Lois: Well, that's a terrific reason to get married, to avoid harassment.

3. Lois: What'd ya open the door for?
Clark: I don't know. I thought maybe for a moment there, maybe. . . .
Lois: What? You were gonna stick your foot out and drag it along the
street and stop the car?
Clark: (Shrug) Hmm.
Lois: You've been watching too many Flintstones cartoons.

4. Lois: Oh, girl, just get a grip!

5. Victor: If you don't mind my saying so, I think you have great legs. I think I read somewhere that intelligent men are leg-men. Only boobs are interested in, well, you know. Anyway, I think you have very shapely legs. They're like two perfectly-formed carrots.
Lois: Stop. You're embarrassing me.

6. (After kicking Kyle) Lois: You're right, Victor, I do have great legs.

7. Superman: Well, I guess you don't need me.
Lois: Not this time, but don't go anywhere



Season 2, Episode 5:  "Church of Metropolis"

Written by: John McNamara
Directed by: Robert Singer
Original airdate: October 23, 1994
Guest stars: Peter Boyle as Bill Church, Sr.; Bruce Weitz as Martin
Snell; Farrah Forke as Mayson Drake; Dick Miller as Mike Lane; Steven
Gilborn; Michael Holden..
As Lois and Clark are lunching at Lois' Uncle Mike's cafe, Clark sees a gang member setting an explosion, and Superman stops the fire. While waiting for the police, Baby Rage, the gang member, tells Lois that someone is going to kill her soon. Clark tells the Deputy D.A., Mayson Drake, that he will testify against Baby Rage, and Lois is perturbed by Mayson's obvious interest in Clark.

Unlike Lois, however, Mayson is annoyed by Superman, because, in her view, he takes the law into his own hands. At the police station, Lois thinks she has been bitten by a bug, but it is a mechanical device which allows Lois to be tracked by a missile. Meanwhile, the Planet and Cost Mart, owned by Bill Church, Sr., plan to cosponsor a charity ball, but Perry doesn't know that Church is the head of Intergang, a powerful crime group trying to buy up property around Mike Lane's restaurant. Lois and Clark hear from a source in the commissioner's office that someone is trying to slow down the cops so that the Southside properties will go down in value, and the source gives them information that Intergang is behind it.

Clark then hears a high-frequency message from Martin Snell, Intergang's lawyer. When Superman confronts Snell, Snell demonstrates that Lois is vulnerable by sending a paint missile at her. Superman catches the missile, but Snell then tells Superman that if he doesn't stay away from the Southside, Lois is dead. Lois and Clark figure that Intergang is behind the explosion when they discover that Snell also represents Baby Rage and that Snell works for CostMart. Not coincidentally, everywhere where Intergang has a foothold, there's a CostMart. Superman tells Lois his problem about not being able to do anything on the Southside, and she suggests he go undercover. He does, as a police officer. Mayson stops by Clark's to go over testimony, and Lois sees her kiss him. Lois tells Clark that Mayson used to work for Church and accuses Clark of letting his feelings for Mayson sway his judgment.

Clark, disguised as a cop, saves Mike Lane from the gang members. However, Clark starts to get suspicious when he sees Mayson talking to Church, but she gets angry when she thinks he's lunching with her in order to get information for his story.   In court, Snell pulls a fast one to make it look like Mayson's office made a mistake so that the case against Baby Rage would have to be dismissed. At this juncture, Mayson comes to Lois and Clark to help her expose Snell, and Clark discovers that the bug is a mechanical one which injects a genetic tag in the person bit. Mayson pretends to ask for a bribe from Snell but tapes the whole conversation, and the judge reinstates the case. At the ball, Mayson cuts in as Lois and Clark are dancing, but, surprisingly, Lois doesn't get upset -- she figures that she will never lose Clark. As Snell is about to tell the authorities who the head of Intergang is, Church blows up Snell. When Lois goes home and is dancing around her apartment, Superman comes in and dances with her in the air to the tune of "Fly Me to The Moon."

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: Dab, don't wipe.

2. Superman: And I hope for your sake you like showering in groups.

3. Perry: See, love is tricky. You've got to think of it like a jungle river -- exotic, treacherous, beautiful but uncharted. Reach up to grab a mango off a tree and you're just as likely to get your arm ripped off by a jaguar.

4. Lois: I'll tell you what's different. When Snell bats his eyes, you don't get quite so giddy.
Clark: Are you jealous?
Lois: What! No, I'm not jealous. We're friends and partners, and whatever you do in your own time is . . .
Clark: Yeah?
Lois: Whatever you do.

5. Jonathan: Adult education. It's a beautiful thing.

6. Clark: Mayson likes me, Clark, but she hates Superman. Which is kinda confusing because Lois loves Superman but only likes Clark. Mayson likes Clark, but in a different way than Lois, and Mayson hates Superman in a way that's different from anybody.

Martha: Oh, Clark, I've been afraid something like this was going to happen.
Clark: What?
Martha: You're beginning to talk about yourself in the third person.
* * *
Jonathan: Martha, the boy has two gorgeous women running after him.
This does not rate high on the list of world problems.
Clark: That's true, but let's not forget that Mayson may be an agent of Intergang.
Jonathan: Well, nobody's perfect, son. How about a piece of pie?

7. Lois: Perry, Clark is my best friend, and I don't want to lose him.

8. Clark: I shouldn't have lost my temper.
Lois: Well, you're entitled to. I lose mine once every . . . what?
Clark: Three, four minutes.

9. (After Clark makes an excuse and leaves) Mayson: Does he do that a lot?
Lois: Constantly.

10. Perry: I must warn you. I dip suddenly, and I dip deeply.

11. Lois: Mayson's not really so bad. She's a little pushy, but she's obviously so desperate, who can blame her? I think what you said is right: No matter what happens, I'll never lose Clark.

12. Superman: This isn't dancing.
Lois: It's not?
Superman: This is



Season 2, Episode 6: "Operation Blackout"

Written by: Kate Boutilier
Directed by: Michael Watkins
Original airdate: October 30, 1994
Guest stars: Charles Rocket as Ryan Wiley; J.T. Walsh as Charles
Fain; Melora Hardin
as Molly Flynn; Bill Erwin as Andy.

When Lois, Clark and Jimmy go to a demonstration of an automated military machine at Fort Truman, a general is killed. His death was planned by Ryan Wiley and Charles Fain, another military man, in order to gain control of the base. Wiley is an old college classmate of Lois' and was engaged to one of her best friends, Molly Flynn. When Lois reviews pictures taken by Jimmy, she sees Wiley, who was supposed to have been killed a year ago, so Lois and Clark go to see Molly. Lois is taken aback to find her friend, a former computer engineer, advocating the abandonment of technology. Molly denies that Ryan is alive, although she  recently found out that he is. Ryan plans a blackout of Metropolis technology but makes it seems like it is Molly who is behind  it.

When Lois gets too nosy, Ryan tries to kill her, but, of course, Superman saves her. Again, Lois and Superman find a clue that leads to Molly. Because of the blackout, the troops of Fort Truman are assisting in the city, and Ryan is free to get control of a satellite, with which he plans to destroy Fort Truman. Lois and Clark dress as army personnel and getm nto the base, but Clark is thrown in the brig for trespassing, while Lois and Molly are taken hostage by Ryan. Molly attempts to disarm the system, but she can't. Fortunately, Clark breaks out in time, changes into Superman and turns the satellite away from Earth. Then he nabs Ryan and Fain. And Lois and Molly make up.

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: What am I gonna say to her? Your boyfriend's back? We think he's starting trouble? Hey-la, Day-la?

2. Lois: I suppose you've kept in touch with all your college friends?
Clark: Well, yeah.
Lois: Well, sure. That's easy when you go to Smallville U, with a graduating class of ten farmers and a cow.
Clark: Just hate losin' those arguments, don't ya?

3. Molly: Same old Lois. Still can't admit you don't know everything.
Lois: That's not true. Is it Clark?

4. Molly: Now this one is supposed to slow down the aging process by calming the organs of the body. You might consider trying some, Lois.
5. Clark: "To Stretch, no one swings like you do. Love, Teddy." Stretch?
Lois: We were in gymnastics together. He was trying to be cute.
Clark: Stretch. I like it.
Lois: And it's the last time you'll use it.

6. Perry: Well, sure. I could get Paris if I wanted to. Unfortunately, I'd have to talk to the

7. Lois: So, an old friend tried to kill me. These things happen. . . . Okay, they happen to

8. Lois: Well, you don't have to get snippy with me. I am not the one who dated a psycho.
Molly: Lois, in what may be our last minutes on Earth, is this really what you want to talk
Lois: Well, yes, for once, I would like it if you would agree with me about Ryan.
Molly: Look, he was cute, we had a lot of common interests, we fell in love. How was I supposed to know he was going to turn out to be a psycho?
Lois: Ha! So you admit it?
Molly: Alright, I admit it. But we're still gonna die, so what good does it do?
Lois: Well, I feel a little better.
Molly: Great.

9. Lois: Well, I like my quirks. I think they make me unique.
Clark: You certainly are unique.


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