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Season 2, Episode 7: "That Old Gang Of Mine"

Written by: Gene Miller and Karen Kavner
Directed by: Lorraine Senna Ferrara
Original airdate: November 13, 1994
Guest stars: Robert Clohessy as John Dillinger; Joseph Gian as Clyde
Barrow; Amy
Hathaway as Bonnie Harper; John Pleshette as Dr. Emil
Hamilton; Ray
Abruzzo as Detective Wolf; Sal Viscuso as Bobby
Bigmouth; William
Devane as Al Capone.

Perry rents an antique car for a Daily Planet celebration, but it is stolen by the original owners -- Bonnie and Clyde. Perry sends Lois and Clark out to investigate, and, while they are out, Superman attempts to stop a robbery by Bonnie, Clyde, and Dillinger. However, when he stops to help the patrons, the gangsters get away. Jimmy tells them that, a few years ago, a scientist, Dr. Hamilton, dug up their bodies and took samples. Hamilton, however, didn't intend for them to commit crimes (he intended to eliminate such behavior), but they have other ideas.

Bobby Bigmouth tells Lois and Clark that Capone is trying to move in on an illegal gambling club, so they pay a visit. But, when Clark is shot, he must play dead to protect his secret identity, and Lois is devastated. When she gets a lead on the gang's whereabouts, however, Lois goes off, and the Kents convince Clark that Metropolis and his friends need Superman. Lois discovers Dr. Hamilton, who tells her that Capone is making him regenerate more of his gang. She also overhears Capone's plan to wipe people out at the Planet celebration, but she and Dr. Hamilton get captured. Meanwhile, Superman captures Dillinger coming out of a movie theater and gets him to spill his guts about the gang's whereabouts.

As Lois and Hamilton are about to be drowned in cement, Superman saves them, and Clark comes back -- he tells Lois that Superman found him, froze him, and used Hamilton's procedure to regenerate the tissue. Capone and the gang interrupt the celebration, but Superman saves everyone. On the way home, Lois tells Clark that there might be more to their relationship than just friendship, but he falls asleep in the midst of her confession.

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: In one lousy second, I lost my partner and my best friend. He died without knowing. I never told him.

2. Clark: I wish I could be there for her.

3. Clark: Dad, Superman doesn't work at the Daily Planet. He doesn't go to ball games with Jimmy and Perry. He doesn't listen to Lois go off on some weird tangent and secretly love it.

4. Lois: Hollywood's created a dozen versions of Frankenstein, and you still didn't get the

5. Lois: I know our relationship has always been difficult to define, but, when I thought about how much I missed you, how much I was going to miss you for the rest of my life, well, I started to think, maybe there's more to our relationship than just friendship. (Seeing him asleep). Or, maybe not?



Season 2, Episode 8: "A Bolt From The Blue"

Written by: Kathy McCormick
Directed by: Philip J. Sgriccia
Original airdate: November 20, 1994
Guest stars: Leslie Jordan as William Wallace Webster Waldecker;
Denise Crosby as
Dr. Gretchen Kelly; Cindy Williams as Wandamae
Wingfield Waldecker.
As Lois and Clark are at the Perpetual Pines Cemetery following up a tip on what happened to Lex Luthor's body, Superman stops a man, William Wallace Webster Waldecker, from committing suicide, but, as he grabs the gun, lightning strikes them both, and Webster gets superpowers as well. Unfortunately, Dr. Gretchen Kelly (see "Madame Ex") witnesses the whole thing.

When Lois is almost hit by a car, Waldecker, dressed in a costume, saves her, but, when Lois gets a bill, she is mortified, and Perry sends them out to find out who this guy is. Superman tells Waldecker that he can't charge people for saving them, and he tries to figure out how the powers were transferred. After witnessing the power transfer, Dr. Kelly hopes to transfer Superman's powers to Lex and herself. Clark, meanwhile, laments the fact that all of his colleagues are trying to figure out how the man got Superman's powers, and he knows but can't tell anyone.

Waldecker visits Lois at her apartment, and Lois tries to interview him. He tells her he's not from Krypton and that he didn't always have powers, but he won't reveal the way it happened because he wants to sell his story. Lois had noticed a tattoo on Waldecker's hand, and Lois and Clark go to a tattoo artist's place. When the artist tries to get Waldecker's name from a computer disk, Clark shorts out the computer so no one will discover who he is. The woman, however, remembers his name. Waldecker visits his sister, Wandamae, in an institution and tells her of his powers, but Dr. Kelly overhears the whole conversation. She confronts him and tries to get him to transfer his powers to her, but he won't do so.

Perry suggests that Lois and Clark ask Superman how Waldecker got his powers. Lois confronts Superman, but he evades her. She is taken aback by his refusal to give her information. The reporters go to visit Wandamae at the institution, and she tells them that she knows how he got his powers. However, Dr. Kelly tries to wisk Wandamae off before she can tell Lois, but Clark burns her shoe. Wandamae tells them that Waldecker got his powers from Superman. Lois is extremely disappointed that Superman lied to her. Superman tells her that he did lead her to believe something that wasn't true, but that, if the information became public, everyone would want the powers. He urges her to discuss it with Clark and tells her that he knows she'll do the right thing.

Lois then sees Dr. Kelly putting Wandamae into a car. Superman confronts
Resplendent Man again about his actions, but Resplendent Man starts a fight with him. Meanwhile, Lois follows Dr. Kelly and Wandamae to Perpetual Pines, but Dr. Kelly finds her and locks her and Wandamae in a cage. Dr. Kelly then finds Resplendent Man and tells him that she has his sister. She tries to transfer the powers but is unsuccessful. At the same time, Lois tries to find the combination to the cage. Finally, Dr. Kelly figures out the right method by testing it on a rat. Dr. Kelly approaches Lex's body, and Lois figures out who she is talking to. Dr. Kelly gives herself powers as Superman shows up, but Superman and Resplendent Man reverse the polarity and both Resplendent Man and Dr. Kelly lose their powers. As Dr. Kelly pushes the explosive, Lois punches in her wedding date and opens the cage, but Dr. Kelly escapes. Both Lois and Clark keep quiet about how the powers are transferable, and Dr. Kelly steals back Lex's body.
Classic Lines:
1. Webster: And didn't anybody ever tell you that two primary colors just do not work together?

2. Lois: Listen, if you can remember that name, I'll try and talk Clark here into letting you tattoo the Battle of Midway on his chest.

3. Lois: We need to talk to Superman, and the only way I can ever get his attention is to fall out a window, which I'd rather not do right now, or tell you. So, here I am.
Clark: You know, I'll be right back. I forgot my mail downstairs.
Lois: Clark, this is important. You can get your mail later.
Clark: Yeah, but I'm expecting my, uh, . . . cheese-of-the-month shipment. I'll be right back.

4. Dr. Kelly: Maybe you'd like your teeth rearranged?
Lois: You can try, Brunhilda.

5. Lois: Well, I'm not a philosopher. I'm a reporter.
Superman: And a human being. Which is more important to you?

6. Lois: Everything is fine. * * * Except, I'm in a cage, in a bunker, underneath a mausoleum, in a cemetery, nobody knows I'm here except a bunch of very strange people



Season 2, Episode 9: "Season's Greedings"

Written by: Dean Cain
Directed by: Randall Zisk
Original airdate: December 4, 1994
Guest stars: Sherman Hemsley as Mr. Schott (the Toyman); Isabel
Sanford as Ms.
Duffy; Dick Van Patten as Santa; Denise Richards as
Clark plans to go to Smallville for Christmas, while Lois wants to rediscover the magic of Christmas. A toyman and his assistant who were fired from a toy company plan to seek revenge on the greed in the world, so the toyman designs an Atomic Space Rat which sprays a substance making children greedy and adults act like greedy children. While investigating the popularity of the rats, Lois gets sprayed and acts like a child. When she sprays Clark and Jimmy, they do the same. After the effect wears off, Lois and Clark discover who is making the toys and why people are being affected. They alert the police, but the toyman changes his tune when a mute, orphan child takes a teddy bear over a space rat.

As Lois is at home alone hoping that Superman will show up, having prepared a big dinner, Clark shows up unexpectedly and tells her he was snowed in, although it's not snowing. She is very appreciative, and they hold hands as they listen to carolers.
1. Lois: No, it's just that it's everywhere. Ribbons and wreathes and mistletoe and trees and Santas and elves and Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, pounding you in the face, over and over, you must love Christmas, you must love Christmas, you must love Christmas.

2. Lois: Clark, you're not the boss of us.

3. Clark: Lois is in trouble. Lois is in trouble.
Lois: Well, I have all the rats, and you don't have any.

4. Lois: Hello. Lucy? It's Lois. I just wanted to let you know that you are not invited to my Christmas dinner tomorrow night. . . . Well, because all of the food I'm going to buy is mine, and I'm not sharing.

5. Lois: Gee, that's really fair.

6. Perry: I don't know if I wanna spend a dumb, drippy, kissy-faced Christmas. . . . I wanna go to Graceland.

7. Martha: I never spanked you. I never had to. But right now, I'd like to drop your britches and tan your hide like cheap leather.

8. Lois: Wow! Cool! Superman!

9. Lois: Did you know that you have to make the stuffing? It doesn't come in the bird



Season 2, Episode 10: "Metallo"

Teleplay by: Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Story by: James Crocker
Directed by: James R. Bagdonas
Original airdate: January 1, 1995
Guest stars: Scott Valentine as Johnny Corbin; John Rubinstein as
Emmett Vale;
Roxana Zal as Lucy Lane; Louis Mustillo as Angel; Dee
Dee Rescher as
Mrs. Vale; Mary Pat Gleason; Christian Clemenson as
Rollie Vale.
A man made of steel tries to steal diamonds from a jewelry store but malfunctions during the theft, which Lois and Clark investigate. Later, they discover that the robot was powered by uranium capsules and seek to discover where they came from. The Vale brothers are behind the whole thing and decide to use a human brain for their next robot. They also look for an alternate power source -- kryptonite.

At the restaurant where Lucy Lane works, Lois and Clark are introduced to
her boyfriend, Johnny Corbin. Lois thinks he's a loser, and discovers that he has a rap sheet, but Clark suggests that Lois not confront Lucy right away. During a robbery, Johnny, who is one of the robbers, is shot. However, his co-felon has arranged for the Vales to pick him up. Clark figures out the code for LexLab records, which shows a theft of uranium, the report on which was filed by Dr. Emmett Vale. The Vales then make Johnny into their kryptonite-powered cyborg.

Meanwhile, Lois invites Lucy over for breakfast and conspicuously leaves records regarding Johnny's criminal past lying around. Lucy doesn't take kindly to her sister's meddling and storms out. Next, Clark finds Emmett Vale's ex-wife, who says that he was obsessed with creating a cyborg. She also tells them that his brother was the smart one and was trying to write for a science magazine.

Johnny then robs a cash machine, and the bystander bites off a piece of his "skin." The camera captures Johnny on film, and Lois and Clark identify him for the cops. However, Corbin beats up Superman, and Lois stops Jimmy from photographing it. Perry lays into Jimmy, but Lois tells him that it was her fault that Jimmy didn't get the pictures. Clark figures that the beating he took has something to do with kryptonite.

The Vales want Johnny to take out Superman because they know he'll be after them, and they plan to use Clark as bait to lure Superman. Jimmy tracks down Rollie through the magazine he kept sending articles to, and Johnny next goes to visit Lucy, who is repulsed by his new form. Lois and Clark pretend to be postal inspectors, and Clark finds a return address for Infiniti Labs on the article Rollie Vale was mailing to himself to copyright. As he is telling Lois this, Johnny kidnaps Clark, and everyone wonders where Superman is. Lois tells Lucy that Johnny kidnaped Clark, and Lucy tells Lois about the mobius strip on Johnny's chest, the symbol for Infiniti Labs. Lucy shows up there and takes Johnny for a walk, while Lois and Jimmy break Clark out. Superman then comes onto the scene and challenges Johnny. He uses his powers to keep Johnny away so that the kryptonite doesn't affect him. Finally, he melts part of Johnny's metal body.
Emmett grabs Lucy, while Rollie takes the kryptonite from Johnny's chest and escapes.

Superman saves Lucy, but Johnny dies. Lois reluctantly lets Jimmy photograph Lucy saying goodbye to Johnny; Clark thanks Lois for saving his life, and Jimmy gets the raise he was afraid to ask for. Superman apologizes to Lois for leaving abruptly when he was hurt, but he stops her from getting close to him, perhaps fearing that Superman is keeping he (as Clark) and Lois apart. He also tells her that he thinks she was brave in helping Clark. After this discussion, Lois calls Clark, but he is not home.

Classic Lines:
1. Clark: Maybe it's just animal magnetism
Lois: That's fine, in a zoo.

2. Lois: Hey, what happened to you? You've been gone two hours. Where's my yogurt?
Clark: Oh, right, yogurt. Remember how you said to surprise you?
Lois: Yeah.
Clark: Well, I didn't bring you anything. Ha! Surprise!
* * *
Lois: And you think I'm fat, don't you?
Clark: What?
Lois: That's why you didn't bring me any yogurt. You think I'm fat.
Clark: Lois, believe me, I do not think you're fat. I just thought, you know, it might be funny to not bring you anything. Ha!
Lois: Oh. Some of that cutting-edge, Smallville humor?

3. Lucy: I mean, why don't you just fold his rap sheet into an airplane and throw it at my head?
Lois: I've never been good at those planes.

4. Lois: Here's some oatmeal if you want.
Clark: Did you make it?
Lois: Yeah. You probably don't believe that.
(He looks at the drippy oatmeal).
Clark: No, I believe it.

5. Mrs. Vale: The jerk couldn't do anything unless a mechanical device was involved. And I mean anything.

6. Lois: She can be very pigheaded. And, no, it does not run in the family.

7. Lois: Does he think that because he couldn't defeat some robot that that changes the way I feel about him? Clark, that's not what attracts me. It's his
intelligence and caring. He's . . . he has integrity and an innate goodness. I mean, he's a lot like you.

8. Lucy: I can't believe my intuition about men can be so far off.
Lois: Yeah, well, it's sort of a family trait.

9. Jimmy: I'm not exactly Stallone.
Lois: Who? [Shades of "Tango & Cash"]

10. Superman: I think you two are very lucky to have each other.



Season 2, Episode 11: "Chi Of Steel"

Written by: Hilary Bader
Directed by: James Hayman
Original airdate: January 8, 1995
Guest stars: Brian Doyle-Murray as Harlan Black; Yuji Okumoto as the
James Hong as Chen Chow; Leila Hee Olsen as Lynn Chow;
Steve Eastin
as the detective.
As Perry is discussing an investment with Harlan Black, a mysterious, masked "ninja"-type breaks into Harlan's men's club and steals a safe-full of bearer bonds, including some of Perry's investment. The ninja appears to have magical powers.

When Lois and Clark go to investigate, Lois is perturbed that they won't let her in because she is a woman. While Lois has words with the guard, Superman goes in and lifts a print of a Chinese marital arts power totem from the safe. Lois takes it to Clark's friend, Chen Chow, whose grandfather runs a martial arts studio. Chen's grandfather tells them it is the symbol from a pair of rare bracelets which give their wearer great powers.

They discover that the robberies are aimed at a Chinatown business, Sun Kwon Industries, which brings immigrants over and pays them low wages and makes children work. Harlan, who is the secret owner, plots to find the ninja. And, far from being vicious, the ninja gives the money to the poorer Asian people in the neighborhood. Harlan wants the bracelets so that he can get rid of Superman, who patrols the harbor and would stop immigrants from being brought over like slaves.

Lois is further perturbed that Chen's grandfather does not allow women in the Yi Chi master class. After Jonathan makes some sexist remarks, Martha and Jonathan switch tasks. Jonathan learns how much work Martha does when in Metropolis, and she learns the opposite.

When Superman attempts to stop the ninja, everyone is surprised that he loses the battle. Lois recognizes the moves of the ninja as those that Chen's grandfather taught. When they go to the
studio, it is wrecked, and the family is tied up. The Chinese mafia was looking for the bracelets, and Chen's grandfather admits that he has the bracelets. However, they are gone when he goes to look for them. Chen tells them that the rumor is that Harlan Black owns Sun Kwon and uses indentured servants. Clark suspects that Chen is the ninja, but, when Harlan tries to get the bracelets from Chen by force, Superman has to stop him from being killed.

The reporters look for evidence against Harlan and want to get into his office at the club. When Clark and Perry both strike out, Lois shows up dressed like a man, with the information. When Clark sees Lois, he figures that the ninja is Lynn Chow, Chen's sister. At the same time, a mafia guy, looking like her grandfather, demands the bracelets back, and she gives them to him. Lynn Chow goes to get Lois, so that she will contact Superman. Superman does show up, and Lynn teaches Superman some martial arts moves. Lois, wanting to give Superman more time to learn, enlists Jimmy's help her try to get the grandfather away from Harlan. Lois and Jimmy get caught, but Superman defeats Harlan's goon, who starts to give back the bracelet because he has been dishonored, but Harlan grabs them and destroys himself. The grandfather then gives them to Lynn.

Jonathan cooks dinner, which everyone praises, except that Martha lets him know that she knows he ordered it. They agree that they both work hard, except when they are visiting Clark.
Classic Lines:
1. Guard: Typical.
Lois: Excuse me?
Clark: Lois, he's just trying to provoke you.
Lois: Are you implying something?
Clark: He's obviously doing a great job.
Lois: That women are volatile and unstable, prone to emotional outbursts? Well, let me tell you something. At least we don't form organizations the sole purpose of which is to hide from the opposite sex.

2. Chen's grandfather: This one's heart and head are in different places
Lois: It's a good thing. If my heart was in my head, I wouldn't have any room for my brain.

3. Jonathan: What I'm saying is: Men work! . . . And women work, of course. And, uh,
Clark, help me out, huh?
Clark: I know nothing

4. Lois: He threw Superman around like a ragdoll and then disappeared.
Clark: I wouldn't say like a ragdoll.

5. Lois: A mild-mannered reporter really a superhero? Clark, come on.

6. Lois: Get your own damn coffee!

7. Lois: Excuse me, Lois Lane, here. Remember me? Award-winning investigative reporter, emphasis on investigative, specializing in covert break-ins.
Perry: Lois, you may not go on this mission.
Lois: Well, what am I supposed to do, sit here knitting waiting for the hunter-gatherers to return?
Perry: Clark, explain it to her, will you?
Clark: Chief, have you heard the expression "pulling a Schultz?"
Perry: Ah, Hogan's Heroes. I know nothzing.
Clark: I see nothzing.
Perry: I hear nothzing.

8. Perry: Hey, what the hell you lookin' at? It's a girl. Hey, it's . . . Lois, tell him you're a girl.
Lois: Chief, people are gonna see what they wanna see.

9. Lois: I'm sorry, Lynn, I don't know how to call him. I mean, he usually just shows up when I need him.
(Superman swoops down).
Superman: And I always will.

10. Martha: But, personally, I'd order from the Szechwan Palace. Now, the House of Hunan is great, but all this garlic just gives me gas.
Clark: Mom, I've got company here.
Martha: Oh, I'm sorry, she's family.



Season 2, Episode 12: "The Eyes Have It"

Teleplay by: Kathy McCormick
Story by: Kathy McCormick and Grant Rosenberg
Directed by: Bill D'elia
Original airdate: January 22, 1995
Guest stars: Farrah Forke as Mayson Drake; David Bowe as Dr. Harold
P. Light; Gerrit
Graham as Munch.

A scientist, Dr. Faraday, running from Dr. Light and his assistant, breaks into Lois' apartment and freezes her with a light beam. The other two kill Faraday, and Lois answers questions about the murder. Lois and Clark then investigate who the dead man is, and Lois mysteriously starts to spout out technical, scientific information -- Faraday put the information into her brain. But, unknowingly, Lois picks up the device that put it there, which looks like a pen and which Light wants to retrieve in order to neutralize Superman.

In the meantime, Mayson tells Clark that she likes him and invites him to her cabin in the mountains. Before he can answer, he has to leave to save Lois, who has gotten a message to come to a park alone to learn about Dr. Faraday. She is nonplussed, however, when they ask for the device. When Superman shows up, they shine something in his eyes, which blinds him. Lois contacts S.T.A.R. Labs, and they suggest that he see Dr. Banerjy -- but Dr. Light kidnaps him and takes his place. When Lois shows up as Superman is being examined by Dr. Light, she tells him that they are the men who blinded him, but her mind is on Clark, who she thinks is in the mountains with Mayson.

Lois and Superman try to find what the scientists were looking for, and Mayson thinks that Clark has stood her up. But, Light kidnaps Lois, and Superman feels helpless, so he enlists Mayson's help. Mayson tells them that Dr. Faraday was being funded by Dr. Light and developed a device to transfer knowledge via light. At first, Lois remembers the pen but won't tell them, except that they offer an antidote to Superman's blindness. He tells Lois that he used ultraviolet light, so infrared light is the antidote, and she tells him that the pen is at the Planet. But Mayson knows what it looks like too, and Superman goes after it. Superman turns off the lights so Lois can escape, and she shines the ultrared light in his eyes. He then burns up the device.

Mayson tells Clark that she expects that something came up and that there was a misunderstanding. She says that she won't ask him out again, but she probably wouldn't say no if he asked her. And Jimmy tells Lois that Clark didn't go on the weekend with Mayson, causing her to wonder where he had been.
Classic Lines:
1. Lois: Babe. Would you two use some other word besides babe. I don't think she is such a babe anyway.

2. Lois: I'm mad. I'm furious. It's always the same thing -- where is Clark Kent when anybody needs him?


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