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Season 2, Episode 13: "The Phoenix"

Written by: Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by: Philip J. Sgriccia
Original airdate: February 12, 1995
Guest stars: John Shea as Lex Luthor; Denise Crosby as Dr. Gretchen
Kelly; Tony Jay
as Nigel St. John; Barry Livingston as Sheldon Bender;
Sal Viscuso as
Bobby Bigmouth; Christian Clemenson as Rollie Vale.

Clark has a daydream about Lois and finally gets up the nerve to ask her out but tells her that she can take her time in answering. But, when Clark's ticket broker calls with the last tickets for Pearl Jam, Lois agrees to go.

At the same time, Clark's friend from the FBI sends him pictures of the woman who stole Lex's body and Nigel, a former spy in England. Clark zooms in on the picture and sees the name Sheldon Bender, Luthor's attorney. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelly and Nigel finally are successful in bringing Lex Luthor back to life. Lex, who is losing his hair, is perturbed because Bender stole his money, but he is still bent on getting kryptonite. Lex also instructs Nigel to find out about Lois. Luthor then kidnaps Bender, as Lois and Clark look on, although they do not discover that Lex is involved. Superman tries to stop the van, but they had already escaped underground. Lex threatens Bender, who has tied up the money in real estate and Intergang, until Bender says that he can get kryptonite.

When Lois goes to the police station to find out to whom the van is registered, Lex poses as an old man and asks her about Lex. Lex realizes that he still loves her and plans to take her by force if it comes to that. Lois and Clark then go to talk to Bobby Bigmouth to find out more about the owner of the van. Bobby tells them that the owner has his meals at a shelter. In search of kryptonite, Lex visits Rollie Vale in jail and offers to get him out and give him money for the kryptonite. As a diversion of Superman's attention, Luthor sets a bomb under Perry's chair, while Lois and Clark express their fears that their relationship will change if they go out. Superman rescues Perry; Lois suspects Nigel; and Sheldon Bender reappears. Jimmy tells everyone that the bomb squad headquarters was robbed of some high-tech stuff at the time. Lex finally reveals himself to Lois, but she rejects him.

Upon hearing that Lex is alive, Perry orders Lois and Clark to stake out Bender in order to find Luthor, and Clark gives the concert tickets to Jimmy. At their stakeout, they agree to have their almost-first date, and they each check each other out through the glass door as they change clothes. The next morning Lois and Clark overhear that Bender is bribing a judge to get Rollie Vale a new hearing. They go to Bender's boat to confront him as he is killed by Nigel, who has shot him with a poison dart from the water.

Next, Lois and Clark follow the guy who kidnaped Bender down to the subsurface hideout, and they discover that Lex is going to break Vale out of prison. While Superman tries to stop it, Gretchen captures Lois. After Vale gives Lex the kryptonite, Nigel captures Lex and Vale because he works for Intergang, and Lex is shot. Gretchen throws Lois in a rat pit, and Lex tries to rescue her, but Superman gets there first. Lex then tries to kill himself rather than being caught, but Superman stops him.

Classic Lines:
1. Clark: Uh, Lois, I, I want to ask you something.

Lois: Ooh, I'm not going to like it, am I?
Clark: What makes you say that?
Lois: You've got that tone in your voice. You know, when people are uncomfortable, like when they wanna borrow your car, or money, your clothes?
Clark: Uh, okay, you got me, I wanna borrow your clothes.
Lois: I bet you'd look real cute in black chiffon.
Clark: What I wanna say is I. . . .
Lois: I know what you want, Clark.
Clark: You do?
Lois: I know you a lot better than you think. How much do you need?
Clark: What? No, I don't want money, Lois.
Lois: Clark, you don't have to be embarrassed. That's what friends are for. Just tell me how much.
Clark: Lois, I want you to go out with me.
Lois: What. You're asking me out?
Clark: Yeah, you know, like on a date.
Lois: A date? You mean like a real date? Where I take out my good perfume, the one that I got after I saw "Love Affair," the good one, not the remake, and I put a dab behind
my knee, I don't even know why?

2. Clark: Well, God knows everything, and attorneys seem to think they're God.

3. Clark: Why do you suppose someone would kidnap Bender?
Lois: Can't be for money. Who would pay ransom for a lawyer?

4. Lois: It's a big deal, we work together. What happens if, you know, it bombs?
Clark: We'll always be friends.

5. Perry: Now what in the blazes is a Bobby Bigmouth?

6. Bobby: I want you to know how happy I am for you and that that there are a lot of people out there that are really pulling for this to work out.
Lois: What people?
Bobby: What, did you think it was a big secret that Clark here has been mooning over you?
Clark: I wouldn't say mooning exactly I. . . .

7. Clark: Hi.
Lois: Hi. Oh, God, this is exactly why we shouldn't go out.
Clark: All I said was hi.
Lois: Yes, I know, and a dozen thoughts went through my mind: You know, how's my makeup? Do I smell good? Do I have coffee breath? See, and all that was just with you saying hi. What's gonna happen when you start saying words with more than one syllable?
Clark: What did they put in your coffee this morning?

8. Perry: Are you telling me that I was just some kinda diversionary tactic?
Jimmy: Kind of cheapens it somehow, doesn't it?
9. Jimmy: You know, I think that's the first time I've ever heard them agree on anything.
Perry: Yeah, well, a budding romance will do that for you.
Jimmy: How did you know that?
Perry: Jimmy, I did not become editor of a major newspaper because I can yodel.

10. Lois: Wow, that must have been one defective bulb.

11. Lois: Oh, I had a muscle . . . a mishap . . . I had a mishap.

12. Lois: Oh, I should have known better than to order Chinese food from a place called Ralph's Pagoda.



Season 2, Episode 14: "Top Copy"

Written by: John McNamara
Directed by: Randall Zisk
Original airdate: February 19, 1995
Guest stars: Raquel Welch as Diana Stride; Robert Culp as head of
Intergang; Wayne
Pere as Rolf; Tom Virtue as Michael DeSanto; Farrah
Forke as Mayson

Diana Stride, a television reporter, sets a raging fire on the top floor of a building, which Clark hears of just as Lois is telling him that they should just go on their date. Diana jumps off the building, and Superman catches her, but, while he is holding her, she tags him with a spray that enables her to track him. She wants the story of the century: Superman's real identity.

Clark tries to explain his abrupt absence the previous night, but he can't tell Lois the real reason he had to leave, and she is angry. Diana tracks Clark to the Daily Planet, but Clark overhears the conversation and changes into Superman. She tells people that she is doing a tribute to Superman, but, not buying it, he shorts out her tracking machine.

Diana talks to the head of Intergang, who tells her that Michael DeSanto is going to turn state's evidence and spill his guts that she is a hired assassin of heads of state. Lois encourages Clark to use his friendship with Mayson to try to get a lead on who is turning state's evidence against Intergang, but Mayson won't give them any information until Clark pushes a little. She tells them that the assassin to be named is very famous. While she is telling them this, Lois swipes her pager, and Clark tells Mayson he'll call. They then use the numbers on Mayson's pager to trace the address of the safehouse, which Diana blows the place up as she shoots DeSanto. Superman takes him to the hospital, and Lois finds Diana's medal. DeSanto may or may not live, and Superman says that he'll be protecting him.

Diana tells the head of Intergang that she's heard of a substance that Lex Luthor had that would kill Superman. She says that if she gets it, she'll kill Superman for free. Lois suspects that the assassin is Diana Stride because of the medal, which she had seen on Diana. She also discovers that a number of rich and powerful men interviewed by her have been killed. Mayson gives Lois and Clark 24 hours to reveal how they found the safehouse or she will prosecute them. Lois suggests that they try to find the assassin so that Mayson will get off their backs. Diana shows up in the newsroom to interview people, and Lois tries to trick Diana by flashing the necklace. Diana denies that it's hers. Clark too starts to believe that Diana is not what she seems and feels that she is closing in on him. When he goes home to discuss the situation with his parents, Martha shows Clark her laser art project.

In the meantime, Intergang gets Diana a kryptonite paste, which she turns into lipstick. Diana leaves a message for Clark to give to Superman, and he shows up at her place. Superman says that he knows that she wants to expose him and warns her to drop the story. She gives him a sob story and kisses him with the kryptonite lipstick, which makes him sick. Diana then gets a new tracker, and she reappears at the Planet. Clark overhears, streaks out and goes home, where he calls his parents. He wants them to come to Metropolis and to bring the laser machine. Lois finally admits to Mayson that she took her beeper.

As Clark is talking to his parents, Diana finds him and sees him changing into Superman, but, fortunately, the camera goes dead. Lois comes over to Clark's, sees Superman on the floor, and takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Diana films the suits in Clark's closet. Superman goes to a nuclear power plant to irradiate the kryptonite out of himself, and Diana tries again to kill DeSanto. At the hospital, Lois and Mayson get caught in the fumes which are supposed to make everyone pass out, but Lois gets an oxygen mask and puts it in Mayson. She stops Diana from killing DeSanto, but Diana escapes. Meanwhile, the radiation treatment works on Superman.

Diana's story airs, and she tells the world that Clark Kent is Superman. However, Clark gives a press conference, at which Superman (thanks to mom's laser) shows up. Superman tells everyone that Stride is an assassin and that Clark was getting his capes cleaned for him. Superman picks up Stride, and Lois and Clark decide to stay up late playing chess together instead of going home after a late night of working.
Classice Lines:
1. Lois: It's me, right? I do this to them. I make them insane. No, no, it's them. They're already insane. I just seem to find it. Cause I'm too smart, smart and alone, and talking to a piece of plastic.

2. Rolf: So good, so decent, don't you just want to vomit?

3. Jimmy: Are those new specs, C.K.?
Clark: Yeah.
Jimmy: Try 'em on?
Clark: No, uh . . . I have a really strong prescription. I wouldn't want to hurt your eyes.

4. Clark: You were trying to say something and I . . . I . . .
Lois: Had a sudden urge to return a tape. It's perfectly understandable. I needed to express a deep personal feeling. You had to save three dollars.
Clark: Lois. You know, I really hope that someday you learn that sometimes what it seems like people are doing isn't really what they're doing.
Lois: What are you, a fortune cookie?

5. Jimmy: I'm too young and boyish to go to jail.

6. Lois: It's not first time I've bent the law for a story, but I did feel bad because, after I finished rationalizing it, I realized that a big part of why I did it is because I don't like you.
Mayson: Really? Oh, God, that is such a relief. I don't like you either.
Lois: Really?
Mayson: Really.
Lois: Well, that makes me feel so much better. I couldn't stand the idea that I was just jealous because of Clark. It's so . . .
Mayson: Petty. I know. I mean it feels so much better just to . . .
Lois: To just dislike you because . . . you're you.

7. Lois: I have only one thing to say to you, honey. Ha (karate chop), ha (karate chop), ha (kick). Keep your lips off Superman.

8. Jimmy: I mean they always kinda looked alike, though.
Perry: Jimmy, some people say I look like Richard Nixon, but I ain't ever been to the White House.

9. Jonathan: Oh boy, what am I doin' playing with lasers, I'm a farmer.
Martha: You're helping our son. Now get your telemetry straight.

10. Lois: I like your new glasses.
Clark: Thanks.
Lois: Did you ever think of getting contacts?
Clark: No


Season 2, Episode 15: "The Return Of The Prankster"

Written by: Grant Rosenberg
Directed by: Philip J. Sgriccia
Original airdate: February 26, 1995
Guest stars: Bronson Pinchot as Kyle Griffin/The Prankster; Rick
Overton as Victor;
John Pleshette as Professor Hamilton; Cliff DeYoung as
Special Agent
Carrigan; Harold Gould as Edwin Griffin; Sal Viscuso as
Bobby Bigmouth.
When Lois returns home, she is greeted by The Prankster and Victor, who flash something in her face which freezes her. The Prankster takes a picture of himself with Lois to let her know he'd been there. They had broken in to find out information about Superman but didn't find anything. When Lois arrives at the office, Clark tells her that he already knows that the Prankster broke out of prison -- by flashing a light which stunned the guards. Meanwhile, Lois prepares for an interview with the President.

The Prankster and Victor try to fix their "camera" to work on Superman so that they can kidnap the President and get a huge ransom. To aid in their plan, they steal a stepped-up micro-transformer. Clark invites Lois to stay with him while the Prankster is on the loose, but she says that it would be too weird because they are almost dating, so Jimmy offers to let her stay with him. The Prankster then calls Lois and tells her that he's going to shut down the lights at the airport. Clark goes to the airport, and Lois goes to Metropolis Light & Power, whose computers the Prankster has broken into. The Prankster chains Lois to a boiler which is about to explode in order to lure Superman there so that they can test out the "camera." She refuses for awhile to yell but finally relents. Of course, Superman saves her, and the camera does
nothing to him. The Prankster and Victor then believe that may be able to get the information on Superman from Lois' computer at the office. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Lois are having problems living together.

Perry has the unfortunate job of telling Lois that the President has cut the interview to five minutes, and Lois strains her brain to find one question to ask. Clark suggests that she ask him if he were a professional baseball player what position would he play and why. At the time, Lois doesn't think much of the idea.

While Clark is off saving someone, the Prankster and Victor stun everyone at the Planet and get the information off of Lois' computer: Two months ago Superman went temporarily blind because of a special light beam. They figure they just have to make their light beam shorter. Clark and Lois visit Professor Hamilton, and they figure that the Prankster is wearing contacts so that he himself does not get stunned. Professor Hamilton, therefore, begins working on a pair of contacts for them. Next, the Prankster lures Lois and Superman to some tall towers. They freeze Superman and push him off the building. Then they push Lois off, but Superman catches her in the nick of time. Bobby Bigmouth finds the Prankster's hideout, and they see plans of the President's motorcade. Professor Hamilton gives Superman the contacts, and he and Lois stop him from kidnaping the President to whom Lois poses Clark's question.
Classic Lines:
1. Prankster: How about a picture of her where she's not so, you know . . .
Victor: Clothed?

2. Special Agent Carrigan: Are you on any type of medication, ma'am?

3. Victor: Well, there goes my dream of livin' on a ranch with Lois, three kids, ropin' steer, deep fryin' stuff . . .

4. Lois: I hope I never get laryngitis.

5. Lois: Oh, I can't leave town. In two days, I have an exclusive interview with the President of the United States, and it's not that often I get to meet someone with such incredible power. Except for you, I mean, but you're different. I mean, not different in an obvious way, but, you know, you're just sort of more than a story and . . . I don't know. You know. You're, you're . . . Well, you know what you are. Don't you?

6. Lois: Jimmy, give me back my dress.
Clark: Now, there's something you don't hear around the newsroom every day.

7. Clark: I think the better question, Chief, is, why was Griffin here in the first place.
Lois: My continuing degradation comes to mind.
Clark: No, I think that's just a bonus.

8. Superman: People seem to try to kill you a lot.
Lois: Yeah. I was so popular in high school.

9. Victor and the Prankster: Superman!
Superman: Yes I am.




Season 2, Episode 16: "Lucky Leon"

Written by: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by: Jim Pohl
Original airdate: March 12, 1995
Guest stars: Farrah Forke as Mayson Drake; Mark Rolston as Lucky
Leon; Robert Culp
as Intergang head; John Kapelos as Raoul Borges.

Jimmy, working a second job as a deliveryman, delivers a "Desk Friend" to Raul Borges. Unfortunately for Borges, it kills him. Lucky Leon, the retailer of Desk Friend, is behind it, but Jimmy is arrested for the murder, and Perry puts up bail for him.

Meanwhile, Lois and Clark try to find a date for their date, but they're both pretty busy, yet, when Mayson asks Clark out, Lois says that they have plans. Clark suggests postponing the date until after Jimmy is arrested, but Jimmy talks them out of it. While it is obvious that someone is trying to kill Jimmy, Lois gets an E-mail message (which Leon sent) regarding Lucky Leon, Borges' murder and a secret shipment, so they go to see him. Leon says that he will check on Borges' order for them. While he is out of the room, Lois finds a note about the shipment (which Leon planted for her to find). Leon then gets a message from the head of Intergang, and Leon reveals that he's going to get Lois to trick Superman into stealing the shipment for them. Lois and Clark learn nothing after a stakeout on the route listed on the note.

Lois and Clark finally have their first date and talk for four hours. They tell each other that they had a really good time, but then Lois tells Clark she can't see him anymore and shuts the door in his face.

The next day, Leon sends them both a gift, with cameras in them, and, as Lois is about to explain to Clark her fears, Mayson comes in and tells them Borges was poisoned. She also asks Clark to lunch. Lois encourages him to go, and, as they are leaving, Mayson's office calls, and Lois pretends to be her. The person on the phone says that a shipment is coming in today for Lucky Leon. Lois learns that Borges, a former drug smuggler, either had to work for the CIA or go to jail and that Leon once worked for the KGB. With this information, Lois and Jimmy go to the route where the shipment is to take place. Someone flags them down in the road, apparently from the army, and tells them that terrorists hijacked nuclear warheads from the Soviet Union.

They also say that the terrorists look like U.S. soldiers. As Clark is about to explain his feelings to Mayson, he gets a call from Lois, and Superman gives the warheads to the first bunch, who, of course, work for Leon. Jimmy figures out that Leon may be at his old factory, which they break into and watch the missiles being unloaded. Clark inadvertently sets off the timer on one of the missiles, but he breaks them free. As Clark runs back in, Lois goes in after him. He then kicks the missile off the Earth and catches the bad guys.

On the way to give a statement to Mayson, Lois and Clark share their first kiss, and, as they are kissing, Mayson's car blows up. Clark is too late, however -- she dies in his arm as she sees his Superman shirt and says the word "resurrection."

Classic Lines:
1. Clark: Why wouldn't the Chief want us to tell Jimmy that he said that?
Lois: It's one of those father/son things.
Clark: Oh, really?
Lois: Sure, it's classic. Men are uncomfortable expressing their emotions directly. It's just like the father/daughter thing, only, when you finally do talk, you use more sports metaphors.
Clark: Ha, that's ridiculous.
(Perry sticks his head out of his office).
Perry: Clark, if Jimmy calls, tell him I know it feels like the bottom of the ninth with two outs and two strikes against him but that the Planet is gonna mount a full-court press, and
we won't stop until it's game, set, match, Olsen.

2. Lois: You can read lips from here? I thought I was good. What else can you do that I don't know about?

3. Lois: Hah! There's another landmine.
Clark: People shouldn't have to live up to other people's expectations.
Lois: Oh, come on, we do it all the time.
Clark: For example?
Lois: For example, you're not going to wear that to dinner that tonight, are you? You're gonna go home and change because we both have expectations about how each other's going to look. You'll be wearing something elegant, not too dark, charcoal suit. And I will be dressed in deep violet.
Clark: Burgundy.
Lois: Burgundy?
Clark: Or violet.
Lois: That's what you've always dreamed of seeing me in, burgundy? I don't have much in burgundy. Um, maybe if I hurry, I can make it to Neiman's before they close.
Clark: Lois, you don't have to do that.
Lois: No, no, wait, what time are you picking me up? 8? Uh, make it 8:15. Oh, no, forget it, that's a bad way to start a date, being late. 7:45. No, 8, I don't want you to think I'm flaky changing my mind all the time.

4. Lois: I know you said burgundy, but I thought, uh, why be a slave to expectations. That's a charcoal suit, isn't it? Uh, you know, I could change. Um, I got a lot of really cute things in burgundy.

5. Lois: Clark Kent, the rebel without a flaw.

6. Clark: You know, when you think about it, the only time people ever really seem to express themselves is when they're passionate and that polite veneer of society drops off, you know, like when they're fighting.
Lois: Or make love.

7. Lois: It just seemed to work. It was really nice. That's why I can never see you again. (She shuts the door in his face)
Clark: Lois?

8. Lois: I need a new partner.
Perry: I knew it. One bad date, there goes my whole news room. Why don't you just shoot me now, send me up to Elvis?

Lois: Perry. . . .
Perry: No, no, no, Lois, don't say it. You know, I have stood on the sidelines, hoping against hope that Mother Nature would smile on you two, that the bluebird of happiness would come down light on your shoulder, that four-leaf clovers would sprout up wherever you walked, and all the time my gut is singing a different aria.
Lois: Perry. . . .
Perry: Lois, anybody with half a hemisphere can see that you two are gasoline and fire,
TNT and matches, two trains headed toward . . .
Lois: Perry! Thank you. The problem is we didn't have a bad date. It was a really great date, and now I'm completely panicked, and I have no idea what to do next.
Perry: Oh, oh, darlin'. Come here, honey.

9. Clark: Lois, about last night.
Lois: These things are kind of attractive, in a hideous sort of way.
Clark: I'm a bit confused.
Lois: Oh, look, yours has a stapler and a radio, pencil sharpener, that's pretty convenient.
Clark: Did I do something to offend you? Because if I did, I apologize.
Lois: Oh, my goodness, imitation wood paneling. Huh, must be the deluxe model.
Clark: Lois, no one's asking you for a lifetime commitment or
anything like that, so there's no pressure here at all.
Lois: Oh, look, batteries are included.
Clark: Here, you wanna trade.
Lois: No. No, no, no. No, no, I love mine. I love mine.
Clark: Please, believe me, I've been looking for something like this for a long time.
Lois: Clark, I don't. . . . Oh, Clark, about last night.
Clark: Yeah?
Lois: Well, I just wanna say that. . . .
Mayson: Stop the presses! I've always wanted to say that in a newsroom.
Lois: Nobody ever says that, you know. It's just on television.
Mayson: Well, sure, but it still felt good.

10. Lois: I mean, it's the biggest story of the year, and some by-the-book colonel wants me to sit on it because of some stupid little detail like national security.

11. Lois: You know, now I know what you boys were doing in sixth grade when the girls had to go to the auditorium for the hygiene lecture. You were learning sports metaphors.

12. Clark: Lois, I don't really know exactly how to say this, but why did you come back to me tonight to the factory? I mean, you were running back into an
atomic explosion.
Lois: I know, it doesn't make too much sense, does it? I guess I just couldn't leave you there.
Clark: You slammed the door in my face last night.
Lois: That was a mistake.
Clark: Don't let it happen again.
Lois: I guess we'll, um, just have to see how things go, won't we?
Clark: Fortunately, there's no doors here tonight.

Lois: Fortunately.



Season 2, Episode 17: "Resurrection"

Written by: Gene Miller and Karen Kavner
Directed by: Joseph L. Scanlan
Original airdate: March 19, 1995
Guest stars: Dennis Lipscomb as Stanley Gables; Jim Pirri as Dan
Scardino; Curtis
Armstrong as Albie Swinson; Danny Woodburn as Sean
MacCarthy; Oliver
Muirhead as Big Buster Williams.
At Mayson's funeral, Lois finds a man alive inside a coffin, but, when she tells Clark, someone (Gables and Swinson) has already given the man some pills to make him look dead again. Lois has Jimmy find out who was buried in the plot, and Lois and Clark break into Mayson's office and find a file on Stanley Gables. However, they are caught and tied up by a
man who climbed in the window and who takes Mayson's diary. Clark breaks them out, but they find out that the man who tied them up is DEA Agent Dan Scardino. Scardino tells them that the bomb that killed Mayson was made by Sean MacCarthy, a man who supposedly died in prison. The reporters then go to visit MacCarthy's mother. While they are there, Superman saves them all from a bomb, and Mrs. MacCarthy gives them Sean's letters. Meanwhile Stanley Gables, who was fired from S.T.A.R. Labs, wants revenge on Metropolis and has developed a pill called "resurrection."

As Lois and Clark are about to discuss their feelings, Scardino comes to Lois' place. From Mayson's diary, they learn that MacCarthy and "resurrection" have some connection. Lois and Clark see pictures of the guy from the coffin in surveillance pictures around Mayson's car. When they inspect the car, Clark finds a pill. At the same time, Gables plans to steal a fatal virus from S.T.A.R. Labs and plans to break out Big Buster Williams from jail.

Lois and Clark go to visit Williams in jail, and, while they are talking, he seems to keel over dead. Jimmy tells them that Diego Martinez, an expert in break-ins, is the guy that was in the coffin. He also "died" in prison, and his body was sent directly to the cemetery. They also get the lab results on the pill: It is a barbiturate that can cause a temporary state of suspended animation. Lois suspects that someone is using the pill to get people out of prison and that Mayson found out about it. The reporters go to plan a funeral at the cemetery, and Clark sees an invoice which shows that Swinson paid for Diaz', MacCarthy's and Williams' funerals.

While Clark goes to call Jimmy, Lois goes into the cemetery, and one of the workers tries to run her over, but Dan saves her. At home, someone comes into Lois' apartment, and she hits him in the stomach with a plunger -- it's Scardino, who wants to protect her. Dan tells Lois that MacCarthy killed his partner, and he didn't want another woman he cared about to get killed. While Dan is there, Clark comes by with news: Swinson works for Gables, and Swinson visited all three men in prison the day before they died. In addition, Clark is clearly jealous of Dan's attentions toward Lois.

Lois gets a call in the middle of the night from Swinson, who tells her that Gables is going to kill millions of people. He tells her to meet him at Perpetual Pines Cemetery. Unfortunately, Gables overhears the phone call. Lois tries to call Clark, but he is not home -- he is at the Planet doing research on Gables. He learns that Gables was fired for making an unauthorized virus and then sued S.T.A.R. Labs and lost. Clark calls Lois, but she is not home. Lois escapes another attempt on her life by hiding in Williams' coffin. The coffin is then shipped underground to Gables' house. Of course, they find Lois and tie her and Swinson up.

Clark goes to Lois,' and Dan is there, and both are surprised that Lois isn't. The bad guys get into S.T.A.R. Labs, while Dan and Clark break into Gables'. Swinson tells them that Gables is going to release the virus into the atmosphere. Superman freezes the virus and throws it off the Earth, while Lois, Dan and Swinson get the other three. Clark asks Lois to a movie, and Dan shows up again telling Lois that hewants to ask her out.

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: I could get into any door in this city.
Clark: I know, and that worries me.
2. Clark: Uh, Lois, could you hand me a nail file?
Lois: Why do men always assume that women have nail files with them?
Clark: I'm sorry, but do you have a nail file?
Lois: Actually, I do, but only because it's part of my pocket knife.
3. Lois: How do I look?
Clark: Appropriately cheap.
Lois: Just let me do most of the talking.
Clark: You usually do.
4. Lois: Please, call him Daniel.


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