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Season Three Episode Guide

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Season 3, Episode 1: "We Have a Lot to Talk About"

Written by: John McNamara
Directed by: Philip J. Sgriccia
Original airdate: September 17, 1995
Guest stars: Peter Boyle as Bill Church, Sr.;

Jessica Collins as Mindy Church;
Bruce Campbell as Bill Church, Jr.
This episode answers the cliffhanger question from the end of the second season: "Lois, will you marry me?" The answer: "Who's asking? Clark or Superman?" Lois reveals to Clark that she has figured out that he and Superman are    one and the same by the way they both touched her.  Clark tries to explain why he couldn't tell her before, but she is hurt and angry. She says that she needs time to think about things before accepting his marriage proposal. He flies off, obviously upset that she said no to his proposal. When she tries to get him to open up, he won't and continues to try to avoid her.

In the meantime, Bill Church, Sr., the former head of Intergang, tries to mend his ways by giving back to the community. But his son and his new, buxom, blonde wife have other ideas: They try to set up the old man so that they can take over and go back to crime. After a phone call from a depressed Clark, the Kents come to Metropolis.  Martha has a talk with Lois and encourages her to explain to Clark that she just needs some time but that  she loves him. Jonathan speaks with Clark and tells him that he has to consider Lois' feelings and give her the time she needs, after all, Martha turned him down several times. 

At a party hosted by Bill Church, Sr., courtesy of his wife  and son, a bomb is planted and is set so that, if Superman moves, it will go off. With Clark in suspended animation, Lois finds the bomb and, with Clark's direction, disarms it. The police arrive on the scene, but Mindy Church has made  it appear that the Church men are responsible, and they are taken away -- she intends to run Intergang. Superman flies Lois above the earth, and Lois assures him that he isn't alone anymore.

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: Who's asking? Clark or Superman?

2. Clark: It's the new glasses, isn't it? They just don't work as well as the old ones did.

3. Clark: So, how mad are you?
Lois: I'm not mad.
Clark: Excuse me.
Lois: I'm not mad at all.
Clark: Lois, this is not really a time to hold back.
Lois: I'm not.
Clark: I'm sorry. I was talking to Lois Lane. I know she was here a second ago. And I know she wouldn't really react . . .
Lois: I'm hurt.
Clark: Oh.
Lois: I'm really, really hurt.
Clark: Which is gonna be worse than mad, isn't it?

4. Lois: And it just got more complicated when you realized you loved me.
Clark: Which was about two minutes after I met you.
Lois: Don't try and score points.
Clark: Sorry.

5. Lois: (after watching Clark change into Superman for the first
time) Wow!

6. Clark: Look, Lois, there's certain things about me being Superman
that you're just going to have to get used to.
Lois: Huh, really? Like the urgent need to umpire a kid's baseball game for two hours?
Clark: You know that was a very tense situation cause the kids were yelling at each other, and they had bats and stuff.

7. Lois: Clark, do you realize what just happened? We were sent to
investigate, and we spent the whole time wallowing. We wallowed. I hate wallowers, and that's what we've turned into -- a couple of sighing, slack-jawed, self-pitying wallowers.

8. Clark: I did get things out in the open, starting with "Will you marry me?".
Lois: No, I got things out in the open, starting with "You are
Clark: A little louder. I don't think they heard you in Gotham City.
Lois: Speaking of which, when were you planning on telling me? The
honeymoon? Our first anniversary? When the kids started flying around the house?

9. Martha: Oh, this is so nice. Almost 30 years, you're the first woman I've ever been able to talk to about my boy.

10. Lois: Anyway, I guess we should, uh, try and find the bomb, catch the bad guys, blah, blah, blah.

11. Clark: Lane!

12. Lois: You're not alone anymore.



Season 3, Episode 2: "Ordinary People"

Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Directed by: Michael Watkins
Original airdate: September 24, 1995
Guest stars: David Leisure as Spencer Spencer.
Lois assures Clark that she is thinking about his proposal, but her actions demonstrate that she is quite anxious about it. Perry encourages her to not use work to avoid dealing with her personal life.  Lois has written an exposť about Spencer Spencer, a new-age Hugh Hefner. In reality, Spencer Spencer is a head sticking out of a box who has people erfecting a body transplant because his is deformed. He wants to get Lois and Clark to a deserted island in order to lure Superman, whose body he wants to attach his head to.  

Perry wants to send Lois and Clark to a tropical paradise to write a travel piece and get away.  Lois is hesitant. Meanwhile, Clark, as Superman, brings Lois gifts from all over the world. Lois tells him that she wants him to be like a normal guy. She bets that he can't give up Superman if they go on the trip, and he bets that she can't give up her work.  Lois and Clark arrive at the island to discover that there is no resort. Spencer Spencer, who has set the whole thing up, watches their every move and attempts to kill them, only to be foiled by Clark, using his superpowers on the sly. Lois, meanwhile, is having problems dealing with their rough conditions. 

While lying beside a fire, Lois and Clark have a heart-to-heart talk, and Clark tells her that the two of them together are stronger than he is alone. As they embrace, Spencer Spencer captures them and puts them in separate cells. Lois encourages Clark to be Superman, but he wants to be more cautious. The guards take Lois up to Spencer Spencer who ties her up and points crossbows at her. When Clark discovers it's Superman he wants, he tells Spencer Spencer that he is Superman.  By using kryptonite, Clark's skin becomes like a normal person's so that the head transplant can be accomplished. But, before that can occur, Lois steals the kryptonite, and Clark uses his  powers to escape. He freezes Spencer Spencer and his crew, but they are shattered into pieces by gunfire from some  of the guards. Clark and Lois fly home.

Classic Lines:
1. Lois: I'm not working too hard. Can I go back to work?

2. Lois: And Clark asked me to marry him.
Perry: Lois, don't you think you oughtta try dating first?

3. Perry: Hey, Lois, word to the wise. Honey, there'll always be another headless corpse, but true love comes around maybe once.

4. Lois: No, no, no. What we need is a sauna, and a massage, and some
room service. So why don't you just scoop me up into your arms and fly us off? Maybe we're near Rio.
Clark: No scooping. No flying.
Lois: You have been scooping and flying on a fairly regular basis ever since I have known you. And now, now that we are surrounded by crazed insects and murderous plants, now, you think would be a bad time.
Clark: Lois, you challenged me to let the world get along without me for a weekend. Me and the world, we seem to be doing just fine. You, on the other hand, are a wreck.

5. Lois: I can't believe I was complaining about Camembert from France. It's like those words came from a different woman, a clean woman, a dope.

6. Lois: Your parents made marriage look fun. Mine made it look like a root canal.

7. Clark: I don't know how I feel about you. There is no one way. I feel so many things, and all at once: happy, kinda scared too, excited, calm, lost, found. I feel safe in a way that I've never known but in danger too. This thing between us, whatever it is, it's stronger than me. Being with you is stronger than me alone.

8. Lois: Do you have rules for everything, because that would be good for me to know. I'd really like to think twice about marrying somebody with that kind of compulsive personality.
Clark: Being impulsive can be more trouble, as you of all people should really understand by now.

9. Spencer Spencer: You know, I was gonna kill you for all that crap you
wrote about me, but then I thought you might prefer an exciting career opportunity.
Lois: What do you mean?
Spencer Spencer: You can be my sex slave.
Lois: Kill me.

10. Clark: Well, you figured me out, I'm not Superman.
Lois: He's not Superman.
Clark: A passing resemblance maybe.
Lois: It's a thing he does at parties.



Season 3, Episode 3: "Contact"

Written by: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by: Daniel Attias
Original airdate: October 1, 1995
Guest stars: Olivia Brown as Star; Patrick Labyorteaux as Bob
Fences; Larry Hankin as
Dr. Martin Solsvig.
Clark wants Lois to stop taking so many chances. She assures him that she can take care of herself but that she does take more chances now that she knows he's Superman. On the drive home, she thinks she has been abducted by aliens. When she gets home, she meets her new neighbor, Star, a psychic. Lois confides in Star, who is very understanding. Lois and Clark attempt to discover what happened to her, but, at various intervals, Lois goes into a trance. They discover that crimes have been occurring at exactly the same time so that Superman would be rescuing Lois and not be available to stop the theft of parts for a missile.  

Under Star's hypnosis, Lois remembers seeing Bob Fences, a businessman, at her abduction.  When Lois and Clark confront him, he denies it. Under hypnosis, Clark recalls seeing a letter on Fences' computer, which threatens to blow up a small nation if trade barriers aren't eased. When Superman stops the bomb, Lois gets a concussion. Clark says that people are using her to get to him and that he can't let that happen anymore because he loves her too much. As she is about to accept his marriage proposal, he tells her they can't see each other anymore.

Classic Lines:
1. Perry: Hey, that's a nice hairdo, Tinkerbell.

2. Lois: What am I doing? I'm talking to fish. Hey, hey, don't turn
away from me like that.

3. Clark: His secretary had the most beautiful body in the world . . .
Lois: What!
Clark: Next to Lois.



Season 3, Episode 4: "When Irish Eyes Are Killing"

Written by: Grant Rosenberg
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe
Original airdate: October 15, 1995
Guest stars: Julian Stone as Patrick Sullivan; Ilana Levine as
Veronica Kipling; Olivia
Brown as Star.
Lois, still reeling from Clark's breaking up with her, tries to convince him that he is making a  mistake. At a party they are attending, valuable pieces of art are stolen.Later, at an auction, Clark is outbid for a date with Lois by Patrick Sullivan, an old friend of Lois' from when she was an exchange student in Ireland. As rare pieces with emeralds continue to be stolen, a jealous Clark suspects Patrick. Meanwhile, Lois continues to see Patrick, while an historian becomes interested in Clark.  Patrick, now that he has the emeralds for a powerful Celtic mask, must sacrifice his true love -- Lois -- in order to achieve the power of the ancient Druids. Superman swoops in just in time, and, in a battle of lasers, Patrick is destroyed.  Clark realizes that he can't go on without Lois and tells her that he wants her back. Lois tells him that he broke her heart and that she can't take that again. So, for the  meantime, they are only partners at work.
Classic Lines:
1. Clark: How come, when you repeat what I say, it sounds so dumb?

2. Lois: And, by the way, I wouldn't be seeing Patrick or Ghandi if you hadn't started this whole thing in the first place.

3. Lois: Yes, I love Clark. I love him so much, and he is so dumb.



Season 3, Episode 5: "Just Say Noah"

Written by: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming
Directed by: David S. Jackson
Original airdate: October 22, 1995
Guest stars: Mac Davis as Larry Smiley; Olivia Brown as Star; Sharon
Thomas as the nun.
Married couples in Metropolis are disappearing, and the link seems to be a retreat for couples run by Larry Smiley. Perry, concerned that Lois and Clark's rocky relationship is affecting their work, sends them to the retreat posing as a married couple to find out what Smiley is up to.  Once at the retreat, Clark tells Lois that he made a mistake in breaking up with her but that he didn't mean to hurt her. Lois says that she needs time to deal with the fact that he broke her heart.  While discovering that Smiley intends to recreate Noah's ark with people he has in suspended animation, Lois tells Clark that she is completely in love with him, and they make up. While Clark is consulting with Star in Metropolis, Jimmy shows up at the retreat because Perry is missing. While investigating, Lois and Jimmy get caught by Smiley. Superman flies in and rescues them, including Perry and Alice, who were to be part of Smiley's crew.
Classic Lines:
1. Lois: I walked out because the plot is just warmed-over Bambi without the political subtext.

2. Lois: We're about as in sync as the English in a Japanese horror film.

3. Lois: You can fly. I can stay mad. It's a gift.

4. Clark: So what are you saying? I should go crawling back on my hands
and knees?

Martha: No, honey. Fly back. It's faster.

5. Lois: And even though it's your fault, I feel like it's mine. Good old Clark. Good old Superman. Crabby old Lois.

6. Lois: I'm going to be a professional and go to the interview and
internalize my feelings so I get an ulcer the size of Cleveland.

7. Superman: Women!
Earth women!

8. Larry Smiley: Female hawk, you are ridin' on a horse called domination, and you won't get off. Does she need a time out?
Crowd: Yes.
Smiley: Step on outside, female hawk, and don't you return until you are singin' with the choir.
Lois: Really? Do I have to? Oh, shucks.
(Lois leaves).
Smiley: You know something, you got a tiger by the tail there, boy.
Clark: Tell me about it.

9. Lois: Clark, we're in the rejected pile.
Clark: Lois, don't you think that's probably a good thing.
Lois: Well, I'd like to feel wanted. Smiley says we're not compatible. He says I don't trust you or respect you, and he doesn't know why you even put up with me.
Clark: Lois, the guy's a murderer.
Lois: Of course, I trust you, and I respect you more than anyone else I've ever met. And, you know, if I do get angry, it's only because I have never opened up to somebody so much in my whole life. And it hurts me when I feel like that trust isn't returned. And you know you put up with me for the same reason I put up with you -- it's because I'm completely in love with you!
Clark: And I love you. Did we just make up?
Lois: I think so.
Lois: Can we maybe do this some place that's not so musty and not owned by a killer?
(Lois kisses his neck)
Clark: I think I just found the book that this page came from. Huh, it's a perfect fit, but probably a dead language. We're going to need an expert to read it.
Lois: Well, we won't be able to find an expert at 2:00 in the morning.
Lois: Star. You could take it to Star.
Clark: Star?

10. Jimmy: Alright, well, since this is it, I'm gonna confess that, well, I used to have a little crush on you. In fact, I had this dream * * * and then you took my hand and said, Jimmy, I can make a man of you.

11. Clark: It's not the M-word that makes it forever for me, Lois. My love is forever because . . . because it just is.


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