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Season 3, Episode 16: "Double Jeopardy"

Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Directed by: Chris Long
Original airdate: February 18, 1996
Guest stars: John Shea as Lex Luthor; Billy Dean as Red Dixon; Troy
Evans as Bibbo
Bibowski; Paul Linke as the church deacon; Ron
Porterfield as the passenger.
Clark is nonplussed as Lois-clone joins him in bed and then rolls over and goes to sleep. The next   morning he confronts her, but she avoids the subject and also tells him that she's canceled their Hawaii reservations. At one point he changes into Superman in front of the clone, and she is thrilled to know that she is Mrs. Superman -- she can have anything she wants. She goes on a massive shopping spree, and Clark begins to suspect something is wrong. 

Meanwhile, Lex has kidnaped Lois, and she is extremely angry. But, that anger quickly turns to tears when she learns that the clone is married to Clark. After talking to his parents, Clark begins to believe that the woman is not Lois. He asks Perry about Lois' skiing accident, scans Lois-clone's ankle and discovers that it has never been broken. He tries to get the truth out of her, but Perry and Jimmy stop him from intimidating her. As they are riding in Lex's limo, Lois escapes, but, before she can get to Superman, she is hit by a car. After bumping her head, Lois thinks that she is the heroine of a novel she was writing two years ago -- a lounge singer named Wanda Detroit who had a bad relationship with a man named Clark but whose true love is Kent. At the same time, Lois-clone is trying to kill Lois because she wants Clark. She also shoots Lex, who is trying to stifle her plan.  Lois then gets a job as a lounge singer at Bibbo Bibowski's club.

When Clark gets home, he is shocked to find Lex there. Lex proposes that they team up to find Lois because Lois-clone is trying to kill her. When Red Dixon, who has been assisting Lois, calls the Planet and says that Lois Lane has been trying to kill Wanda, Jimmy relays the information to Clark. But Lex overhears.Clark goes to the club, and Lois, thinking he is bad news, runs out. Lex meets her and tells her he is Kent, her true love. He convinces her to act like Lois and talk to Clark. She tells him that she had had doubts about marrying him, that she doesn't love him, and that she is going offwith Lex.  Although he lets her go, Clark warns Lex that he will get Lois back. 

Classic Lines:
1. Lex: Well, yes, but you almost married me, so, obviously, you're flexible.

2. Lois clone: I'm Mrs. Superman. Oooh, I can have anything I want. Cool!

3. Clark: You know how, when the holidays come up, and you're all excited about making your house just explode with warmth and love? So you, you go out, and you buy a new box of lights, and you hang em on the tree, and you're just waiting for that burst of warmth and love, and then you plug 'em in and then . . . nothing happens.
Jonathan: Nothing happens?
Clark: Nothing.
Jonathan: No sparks? No flickering? No electricity at all?
Clark: The power is out.
Martha: The two of you have more electricity than anyone I've ever seen, and I think we've pretty much beaten this metaphor to death.

4. Lois clone: You're ignoring me. I hate that.

5. Wanda: Trouble sticks to me like stink on old fish.

6. Lex: No. You don't make deals with me, frog-eater.

7. Lois clone: Don't be ridiculous. If I give you the gun, I can't shoot Lois. Duh!

8. Clark: When did you last see her?
Lex: Outside a bank. She'd just kicked me in the jaw.
Clark: That's Lois.
Lex: She's an amazing woman. I've never known anyone like her.
Clark: Fearless!
Lex: Stupidly so at times.
Clark: I try to get her to take it easy but . . .
Lex: she won't listen. And when she's sad and she cries . . .
Clark: you wanna die.
Lex: Tell me about it. I'll help you find her, Kent. In this one instance, you can trust me.



Season 3, Episode 17: "Seconds"

Teleplay by: John McNamara
Story by: Corey Miller and Philip Chung
Directed by: Alan J. Levi
Original airdate: February 25, 1996
Guest stars: John Shea as Lex Luthor; Kenneth Kimmins as Dr. Klein;
Timothy Busfield
as the spy guy; Shaun Toub as Asabi; Andrew Shaifer as
Leonard; Joseph
Chapman as the bank v.p.; Mark Daniel Cade as the
doctor; and Chip Nuzzo
as the passerby.
Clark beats himself up for letting Lois go, and Wanda has dreams about Clark and Lex.   Lex sets off a bomb, which Superman can't stop, and they declare war on each other. The bomb was set to divert Superman while there was an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap the clone. The clone apologizes for trying to kill Lois and tells Clark about the money Luther has in a bank which only Lois can get. Meanwhile, Wanda wonders why there is so much she can't remember, and the clone tells Clark she loves him.  Lex and Wanda break into S.T.A.R. Labs and steal clone fetuses created by Dr. Mamba.

Lex's spiritual advisor, Asabi, will transfer their souls into new bodies so that no one can find them. Wanda also continues to have dreams and become more like the real Lois. Asabi tells Lex that Lois still longs for Clark and that the only way she'll give him up is if she kills him.   The clone gets the money, and Lex kidnaps her. He tells her that she has only two days to live, and, in order to get more life, she tells Lex that Clark is Superman, but Lex tells her that there is no way to make her live longer. When she feels badly about what she has done, she tells Clark what she told Lex.  At the same time, Lex buys a top secret weapon, weakens Clark, and kidnaps Martha. But the clone leads him to Lois. Lois can't shoot Clark, and both the clone and Lex die from the weapon. During the rescue, Lois gets hit on the head, but, although she knows she's Lois, she doesn't remember Clark.  

Classic Lines:
1. Lex (to Superman): Now, tell me, be honest, isn't one of us without the other incomplete, almost unnecessary? Or am I all alone here?

2. Lois clone: I really need to talk to you. Alone! Subtle hint!

3. Lois clone (eating a frog): Oh, this gross you out? I'm sorry, but I think I need the vitamins.

4. Lois clone: Clark, I've got this whole speech memorized, so it would just be sorta nice if I could sorta go in order.

5. Lois clone: Okay, speech adios.

6. Lois clone: Well, is it okay if I love you?

Clark: Sure, yes. Just don't kill anybody over it, okay?

Lois clone: Ohmigod, that was two days ago. You have got to learn to let things go.

7. Jimmy: Out of her head, kidnaped by Lex Luthor, you married to a clone. Man, if it ain't one thing with you guys, it's another.

8. Wanda: Well, I never pictured myself as a blonde, but, what the hell, my life can't be any crazier than it already is.

9. Lois clone: I look like her, and I can sound like her, and everybody thinks that I am her, and I learn real fast, and, if you give me a month, I'll be her. And I have $200 million, so, you have to admit, the whole package, it doesn't totally suck.

10. Wanda: Just like that, boom, I'm a blonde? It's easier than dying your roots.

11. Lex: So, I wonder. Can you beg for your life? No. Too un-Superman. I understand.

12. Lex: You know, it occurs to me, Martha, that, if I'd had a mother as loving as you, I might be a better person. Thank God I didn't.




Season 3, Episode 18: "Forget Me Not"

Written by: Grant Rosenberg
Directed by: James Bagdonas
Original airdate: March 10, 1996
Guest stars: Larry Poindexter as Dr. Maxwell Deter; Charles Cioffi
as Dr. Elias
Mendenhall; Audrie Neenan as Nurse Reilly; Julie Cobb
as Sally Reynolds;
Patrick Cranshaw as Homer Blackstock; Lillian Adams as
Agnes Moskowitz;
Vasili Bogazianos as Detective McCloskey; Steve Kehela
as the robber;
Michael Lee Gogin as the shifty-looking man.
Clark puts Lois in a sanitarium under the care of Dr. Deter, who is a specialist on memory loss. But  Dr. Deter tells Clark that he can't tell Lois about their relationship, and they can't talk about work.  Clark reluctantly agrees.  Meanwhile, Dr. Mendenhall, who begins to treat Lois, programs his patients to kill people he has been hired to assassinate. The patients then have strokes so that they can't talk.  When Dr. Deter senses that Lois is getting closer to Clark, he restricts his access to her because he is falling for her. Lois, however, can't fight her journalistic instincts and helps Clark to figure out Dr. Mendenhall's scheme (although she tries to kill Perry). But when Lois' memory starts to return, she doesn't recall her relationship with Clark and tells him that she is falling for Dr. Deter.
Classic Lines:
1. Jimmy: C.K., you know that there's a chance, slim, that Lois might not recover.
Clark: No, Jimmy, there is no chance of that. None.

2. Lois: I think I remember wanting to fly. I wanted to feel safe, up and away from all the confusion down here. I still have dreams about flying over the city. Actually, they seem more like memories.

3. Lois: I feel like Nancy Drew, whoever that is.

4. Lois: First, I break in. Now, I'm about to go through this man's office. How can something so wrong feel so right?

5. Lois: You're giving me that look.
Clark: What look?
Lois: That Lois-has-gone-off-the-deep-end-in-pursuit-of-an-angle look.
Clark: I just don't think we should rush into anything.
Lois: Well, sometimes you have to rush.
Clark: And sometimes you have to be careful.
Lois: I am careful.
Clark: You are never careful.
Lois: And you always walk on eggshells.
Clark: Well, I'm just trying to be thorough.
Lois: What, I'm not?
Clark: Why did you say that?
Lois: Say what?
Clark: That I always walk on eggshells. You said that I always walk on eggshells. How would you know I always do anything unless you remembered that I do?
Lois: I don't know. I don't know how I know. I know. I just know that this conversation is driving me nuts. Goodnight.
Clark: The sign! Yes! Thank you! Thank you!

6. Lois: I always knew I was meant to fly.
Superman: Yes, Lois, you were.
Lois: You seem very sure.
Superman: I am.
Lois: You're the strongest man in the world, but there's such gentleness in your eyes.

7. Jimmy: C.K., are you okay?
Clark: Lois thinks I'm a jerk. Hee, hee.
Jimmy: Hee, hee. That's . . . great.

8. Clark: My advice -- seize the moment, Chief, because you never know
when your relationship's gonna get hit with a busted-up wedding, a psychopathic killer, amnesia, or multiple personalities. Go to dinner, Chief.
Perry: You've seen it all, haven't you, son?
Clark: I hope so. What else could there be?




Season 3, Episode 19: "Oedipus Wrecks"

Written by: David Simkins
Directed by: Kenn Michael Fuller
Original airdate: March 24, 1996
Guest stars: Renee Taylor as Roweena Johnson; Daniel Roebuck as
Herkimer Johnson;
Larry Poindexter as Dr. Maxwell Deter; Kenneth Kimmins
as Dr. Klein; Bill
Dearth as the worker; Reggie Jordan as the paramedic.
Bad Brain Johnson's brother, Herkimer, (who is also a patient of Dr. Deter's) attempts to make his mother love him. He breaks into a warehouse containing his brother's things and steals some of them.  Meanwhile, Superman tells Dr. Deter that he'd better be looking out for Lois' best interest, and Lois goes back to work. But Max tells her that her feelings for him are appropriate, and Clark struggles with not being able to tell Lois the truth about their relationship. 

Herkimer develops a machine which sends waves through the city, making everyone but Clark and Lois vulnerable to suggestion: Clark is unaffected, and it causes Lois to have flashbacks, although she doesn't remember Clark yet. When Herkimer's break-in at an electrical plant leaves behind a clue which looks like the work of Bad Brain, Lois, Clark and Deter talk to his mother. She shows them a picture of the two boys when they were kids, but, when they leave, she tells Herkimer to kill them because she blames them for Bad Brain's death. 

Out of desperation, Clark tells Lois that he loves her, that she loves him and that they were going to getmarried. Lois freaks out and runs to Max, who then, by hypnotic suggestion, tries to make her forget Clark and think she loves only him. He tells her she must quit the Planet. When she does, fortunately, another wave hits, and she remembers Superman saving her and kissing her numerous times. Lois then figures out that Herkimer is the boy in the picture. She and Max discover his machine and another wave hits. Lois remembers everything and punches out Max. Then she and Clark take another flight above the city, and he slips her engagement ring back on her finger.

Classic Lines:

1. Lois: It is Jimmy, right?
Jimmy: Yeah.
Lois: Jimmy Carter?
Jimmy: No. Ah, Jimmy Olsen.
Lois: Sorry, bad reception. I think I've still got some wires crossed. You know, yesterday, I could have sworn that, some time within the last year, I was abducted by aliens.

2. Rowena Johnson: Usually, what you're waiting for isn't worth the wait. (To Clark) Haven't you noticed that?

3. Jimmy: This guy's bedside manner includes breakfast in the morning.
4. Perry: Just take your cue from the master of cool here, huh? Slow and easy.
(Lois and Deter walk in).
Lois: Perry, Jimmy, Clark, I quit.
Jimmy: You what?
Lois: I need to get away so that I can totally recover.
Deter: We're leaving the country.
Clark: No, no, you can't.
Lois: We're going to the South of France. Max has a home there, and he thinks that one-on-one intensive therapy. . . .
Perry: (Lunging at Deter) What are you doing, you little brainsucker?
Clark: Lois, listen to me.
Lois: No, I know what's best for me.
Perry: Hey, what's the deal here?
Jimmy: Chief, calm down.
Perry: No, the gates are up, and this calamity train is gonna stop now!
Jimmy: Breathe or something.
Clark: Lois, I can't let you go, not this time.
Deter: Clark, you have no choice in this.
Clark: Deter, trust me on this, you have no idea who you're talking to.

5. Lois: (Referring to Superman) Is he in love with me too?
Clark: Well, it's kind of complicated.

6. Lois: You're always leaving.
Clark: And I always come back.

7. Lois: Hold that thought. (Walks over to Dr. Deter). Doctor, I think
our time is just about up. (She punches Deter and looks at Clark) I'm back!

8. Clark: And do you remember this? (He slips the ring on her finger).
Lois: I do




Season 3, Episode 20: "It's a Small World After All"

Teleplay by: Teri Hatcher and Pat Hazell
Story by: Teri Hatcher
Directed by: Philip J. Sgriccia
Original airdate: April 14, 1996
Guest stars: Steve Young as Joe Malloy; Elizabeth Anne Smith as
Annette Westman;
Kenneth Kimmins as Dr. Klein; Don Brunner as Hans;
Rainer Grant as Julie
Carlton; Tim Bohn as Dick Carlton; Jim Hanks as Les
Barrish; Leslie Sachs
as Debbie Malloy; and Ellen Gerstein as the fortune

Lois and Clark attend Lois' high school reunion, where they learn that the spouses of two of Lois' friends have disappeared. The woman behind it, Annette Westman, is a former classmate who was unpopular in high school. She has developed a shampoo which shrinks people, and she plans to use it to make the popular people feel lonely, like she felt and then have them confide their pain to her.  Clark uses the shampoo, but the effect is not immediate, and he encounters an exterminator in his apartment -- the man who works for Annette.  Clark finally tells Lois that he is shrinking. Lois' friend tells her that, when her husband was taken, one of the neighbors saw an exterminator's van.

After getting some discouraging news from Dr. Klein, Clark tells Lois that she can't see him. When Lois goes to his apartment, however, she struggles with Annette's assistant, who drops the shampoo. Lois then takes the shampoo to Dr. Klein, who is less than optimistic.  Clark leaves an article on a scientist's research regarding shrinking but tells Lois that he can't put her through any more of the pain that she is experiencing. Lois realizes that the name of the exterminator company is the school's mascot backwards. And Dr. Klein tells Lois that the doctor whose research was used worked for a cosmetics company -- the one Annette owns.

Thus, Lois goes to Annette's to get the research notes so that an antidote can be made. Clark shows up at Annette's as well.  When Annette tries to shoot Lois, Clark saves her and also knocks the shampoo onto Annette, which disintegrates her.  Lois forgives Clark for pushing her away,and she decides, with Clark's blessing, not to change her name when they are married. 

Classic Lines:
1. Clark: You got elected with that hair?
Lois: I was stuck in my Charlie's Angels phase. Everybody was.

2. Clark: (Reading from Lois' yearbook) You're in my dreams like a
touchdown pass. I can't help noticing that you've got a great . . .
Lois: Give me that!

3. Lois: Clark, Dick. Dick, Clark.

4. Perry: Don't fight it, Clark. When the pitbull gets hold of a bone, it just ain't gonna let it go.

5. Annette: Whatever LoLo wants, LoLo gets.

6. Clark: I'd just stepped out of the shower, and, in walks this exterminator guy looking for rats.
Lois: You're kidding. Did he see anything?
Clark: No. I was wearing a towel.

7. Clark: Are we Cajun cooking again?

8. Lois: Clark, ask me to scour the Earth, wake up every cop, knock on
every door, but please don't ask me to walk away from you. I don't know how to do that.

9. Clark: I look like Mighty Mouse.

10. Lois and Clark (simultaneously, to each other): You are so stubborn!

11. Lois: Oh, he always says that, and I never listen.

12. Clark: And maybe you could promise not to put yourself in harm's way
Lois: I promise, on three. One, two, three.
Clark: I promise. Lois! . . . Lois! . . Lois!




Season 3, Episode 21: "Through A Glass, Darkly"

Written by: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by: Chris Long
Original airdate: May 5, 1996
Guest stars: Justine Bateman as Sarah/Zara; Jon Tenney as Ching;
Kenneth Kimmins as
Dr. Klein; Joyce Guy as Mrs. Hofaker; Joe Pichler as
the little boy; Kyla Pratt
as the little girl; and Lawrence Maki as the announcer.
Lois and Clark begin to discuss their wedding again, and Superman saves a space station which is sabotaged. Dr. Klein sends Lois and Clark to the origination of the signal to the space station -- a house which is for sale. But they don't find anything suspicious, except for a real estate broker named Dave Miller (Ching). Dr. Klein tells Lois and Clark that the space station was set to right itself if Superman hadn't saved it. They also learn that there is no real estate agent named Dave Miller.  

Meanwhile, Ching and Zara (known as "Sarah" at the Planet) plan to set up a other test for Superman: He has to put together a CD player, solve a riddle and stop a bomb outside of the Planet, which he does. Superman also spots "Dave Miller," but he is gone before Superman can catch up with him.  Lois and Clark go back to the house and find a microtransmitter which emits a hologram message from Ching. Dr. Klein looks at the code and finds the company that wrote it is "Ching Ltd." Lois and Clark go to the office listed for the company and Ching and Zara show Clark two bombs -- one aimed at Clark's apartment and one at Jimmy and Perry. Superman borrows a splitter from S.TA.R. abs and uses it to split his heat vision and disarms both bombs.

They also discover that Ching has superstrength. In the meantime, Lois and Clark discuss buying a house, and Lois has doubts about whether she and Clark want the same things. Clark sees a house as a place which means permanence. Lois tells him hat, in her experience, a home is not so permanent, but Clark assures her that they are permanent. lark then hears Ching's voice calling him to his apartment. When they get there, they find Ching and  Zara. Ching creates a kryptonite force field and threatens to kill himself to see if Clark will pass through the field and risk himself to save him. Clark does it, and Ching agrees that he is the "one." As Ching and Zara fly off, Lois and Clark wonder where they came from.Ching and Zara discuss telling Clark that he must leave Earth, but they hear a voice which tells them that he will kill Kal-El now that they have found him.

Classic Lines:
. Clark: Okay, okay, okay, so barring any further bouts of amnesia . . .
Lois: Or shrinking . . .
Clark: Or cloning, or kryptonite or time travel or voodoo, I say we get married sooner rather than later.
Lois: Me too. I just have to wait long enough for my mother to recover from our last wedding.
Clark: Ooh, Lois, I'd like to get married this century, okay?

2. Lois: Of course, where else it would be? Every villain in the universe seems to operate out of Metropolis. For once, I just wish we could have a villain in Maui, or Aspen, Monte Carlo.

3. Lois: I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed I was in this house in the
backyard and I had this chef's hat on. I was barbecuing burgers, and my legs were turning into roots, and they were growing into the ground, and I was screaming, "I am not an oak. I am free."

4. Ching: Well, he would have failed without Lane's help. No doubt he'd
have put that ridiculous suit of his on backwards if she weren't around.

5. Lois: What's a yurt?

6. Clark: When I was growing up, my home meant permanence, a place to be safe. My life, it's so chaotic now, going from disaster to disaster. I just always dreamed of having my own real home.
Lois: When I was a kid, home was where mom was in the lounge chair getting drunk, and daddy was in the backyard burning steaks, and trying to explain what he was doing kissing Mrs. BelCanto in the church parking lot. Permanence wasn't so permanent at my house.
Clark: Lois, you and I are going to be as permanent as permanent can be.
Lois: So, I guess I should stop running?
Clark: I won't burn the steaks. I promise.
Lois: Forget the steaks. Just don't be kissing Mrs. BelCanto.

7. Ching: Lois, no helping.




Season 3, Episode 22: "Big Girls Don't Fly"

Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Directed by: Phil Sgriccia
Original airdate: May 12, 1996
Guest stars: Roger Daltrey as Tez; Justine Bateman as Sarah/Zara;
Jon Tenney as Ching;
Rosie Lee Hooks as Mrs. Cutler; and Shanna Moakler as
the pretty girl.
After Clark saves someone, he gets a telepathic message from Zara. He meets Zara and Ching in their ship, and they tell him that they and about a thousand others were sent from Krypton at birth as an experiment to search out a more stable planet, which they established as New Krypton. Zara tells Clark that she and he are of noble blood and that they were married at birth. She tells him that there will be a civil war if their houses are not joined. Clark tells Lois all of this and tells her that Ching and Zara expect him to go back with them and rule on New Krypton. 

Meanwhile, Lord Nor (the voice at the end of "Through A Glass, Darkly") sends an assassin, Tez, to kill Clark because he will marry Zara and be ruler if Clark is dead. Tez, who is able to look like anyone, goes to Smallville to find Clark.  Lois is upset, and Clark tells her that he won't forget who he is. But Zara and Ching warm them of Lord Nor and Tez and alert them to their ruthlessness.  When Zara and Clark place their hands on his spaceship, they get a message from Jor-El. He tells Clark that creating peace for the Kryptonians is his destiny.  Tez takes Martha's form and tries to kill Clark. Lara tells Clark of Kryptonian ways. He tells her that he loves Lois and that he won't leave. But she tells him that he has not yet made up his mind. Lois tells Clark that she feels he is drifting away. He tries to reassure her, but he is called away to a isaster.

While he is gone, Tez takes Jimmy's form and then tells Lois that there have to be mourners left behind. Lois goes to Zara and Ching and tells them to leave. Zara tells her that there will be riots, murders and civil war without Clark. She also says she has feelings for Ching, but she tells Lois that there are more important things than the love of two people.  Tez tries to kill Clark again and seems to get stronger with every encounter. Lois and Clark go to talk to his parents. They tell him about when they fought for civil rights and people asked why they were doing it because it wasn't their fight. But it was something they believed in. They asked Clark if what Zara and Ching were asking was something he believed in.

Finally, Lois and Clark decide that he should go to New Krypton, and they tell this to Ching and Zara.  Clark defeats Tez, who kills himself for failing in his mission. Lord Nor tells Clark telepathically that they will battle again on New Krypton. Lois gives Clark her wedding ring, and they pledge their love to one   another. They agree that they are married in their hearts. Clark points out his star, and Lois says that she will look to it every night. At the Daily Planet, Superman addresses the world and asks them to look inside themselves for a hero. He then says goodbye to his parents and Lois, and flies off with Ching and Zara. Later, as Lois is sitting in her apartment crying, Clark sends her a telepathic message: "Lois, I love you."

Classic Lines:
1. Clark: Apparently, she's my wife.
Lois: Your wife.
Clark: On Krypton.
Lois: Oh, well, we're not on Krypton.

2. Lois: Yeah, well, I guess it would take a special guy to shuck his adoring parents and the woman he loves for a life of loneliness and violence, possible death on some space rock. Maybe I'm missing the big picture.
Clark: No, no, this is obviously a very emotional topic for you.
Lois: Yeah, well, us wacky Earth women, we get mighty cranky about losing our husbands.

3. Clark: Well, that's too bad. Because as loud and cluttered and sloppy as this world is, it's also full of passion, feelings. Like I have for Lois. And feeling like that, that is the greatest thing there is.
Zara: And it's a selfish thing. Certainly for people with noble blood.
Clark: This thing that I have with Lois, it's the kind of thing you never, ever let go of because it is one of the few perfect things in this world. And I value that above all else. Above my own life.

4. Lois: You've had two weddings and only the one to her is real.

5. Clark: I have to go.
Lois: The voice you just heard, was it. . . .
Clark: A bridge collapsed.
Lois: Oh good. I, I mean . . .

6. Zara: But what I'm talking about is more important than two people's
Lois: I've always thought that was the most important thing there was.

7. Lois: You're asking me to sacrifice everything for a world I'll never see.
Zara: I'm asking you to save a world that is robbing us both of the men we love.

8. Lois: Lieutenant, without kindness, what is your homeland worth? Without love, what are your lives worth?

9. Clark: Lois, I have loved you from the beginning.
Lois: And I'll love you til the end.
Clark: In my heart, I am your husband.
Lois: And I'm your wife.
Clark: Always.

10. Superman: Emerson said, "Self trust is the essence of heroism." Inside each of you is a hero. And, so I leave, knowing that a world full of heroes has nothing to fear.

11. Lois: It's over. Everything's over.

12. Jonathan: Dearest Lois, a love that risks nothing is worth nothing.


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