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Fourth Season Episode Guide

Part 4 of 4

Season 4, Episode 17: "Faster Than A Speeding Vixen"
(Part 1 of "The Lex Files")

Written by: Brad Kern
Directed by: Neal Ahern
Original airdate: April 12, 1997
Guest stars: Patrick Cassidy as Leslie Luckabee; Keith Brunsmann as
Troll/Mr. Smith;
Lori Fetrick as Vixen; Michael Eugene Stone as the
hitman; Peter Vogt as
the bank chairman; Michael Holden as the detective;
Barry Wiggins as the
cop; Ben McCain as the announcer.
After making love without having taken "precautions," Lois and Clark begin discussing the possibility of having children and exploring their fears as to that subject. Meanwhile, the Planet is purchased by Leslie Luckabee, a too-good-to-be-true millionaire, and the C.E.O.s of Metropolis' biggest companies are disappearing just as a superpowered woman, Vixen, arrives on the scene. We learn that Luckabee is Lex Luthor's son out to get revenge on those who bought his father's companies and on Superman. He has been using Vixen, who turns out to be mechanical, and an
underground dweller a la the Phantom of the Opera (the Troll) to do his bidding. He also makes plans to possess Lois Lane.

Classic lines:
1. Lois: Where did that come from?
Clark: Look at you, Ms. Innocent. You attacked me. That's where that
came from.
Lois: I remember being in the kitchen, browning the sausages, and, then, you came in, and the rest is a blur.
Clark: Well, I
am Superman.
Lois: Mmm, the man of steel. Oh, Clark, if you only knew how different you are from other men. I forget and, then, . . . I forgot.
Clark: What?
Lois: I forgot . . . you know.
Clark: So, we didn't use precautions? I mean, I know I didn't.
Lois: Me neither. I, I wasn't thinking.
Clark: So?
Lois: We're sort of pioneers in this area. I can't say that we're completely safe.
Clark: Well, honey, if it happens, it happens. But, I'm not even absolutely sure it
can happen.

2. Jimmy: Hey, did you guys hear? That superwoman did it again. Stopped
a car jacking over on Main, then bagged a purse snatcher a minute later. She's takin' out bad guys left and right.
Clark: Did anybody get a chance to talk to her? Find out who she was?
Jimmy: Mm, mm. She just took off. Leslie thinks she might be related to UltraWoman. Remember her?
Lois: Rings a bell or two.
Clark: UltraWoman, yeah. She was beautiful. No offense, honey, but she was absolutely stunning.

3. Leslie: So, so, tell me, what's it like working with such a celebrated reporter like Lois Lane day in and day out?
Jimmy: Lois? It's great. She's incredible. I'm the luckiest guy I know. Except for Clark. He's, uh, way luckier than me, if you know what I mean?
Leslie: Yes, I think I do. They must have a very special relationship, being married and working together. Quite remarkable in this day and age.
Jimmy: Yeah, no kidding.
Leslie: Sure hope it lasts.

4. Newscaster: Amateur video captured him wrestling with her in what
appeared to be a playful manner.
Jimmy: Alright Superman!
Leslie: Well, it looks like he's found himself a mate.
Perry: Oh, it's about time.
Lois: I don't think it looks like he's found himself a mate. Superman would never cheat on his . . . principles. He's far above that kind of tawdry behavior. Everybody knows that.

5. Clark: Wait up for me?

Lois: Always.

6. Clark: He just seems little too good to be true, that's all.
Lois: Well, I know some people who would say that about you.
Clark: Like who?
Lois: Like me. I'm not complaining, though.
Clark: You know, when all this is over, I'm gonna call Dr. Klein. Make that appointment, you know, for Superman to check and see . . . .
Lois: Good. Kinda scary, huh? It never occurred to me that we might not be able to have babies together.
Clark: Well, maybe we'll have superbabies. Who knows.
Lois: Yeah. What if we can't? I mean, I don't even know if I wanna have kids. I just assumed we would have that option.
Clark: Lois, I married you because I love
you. Not because we may or may not be able to have children together. Besides, there's always the adoption
option, and it worked out pretty good for me



Season 4, Episode 18: "Shadow Of A Doubt"
(Part 2 of "The Lex Files")

Written by: Grant Rosenberg
Directed by: Philip J. Sgriccia
Original airdate: April 19, 1997
Guest stars: Patrick Cassidy as Leslie Luckabee; John Shea as the
voice of Lex Luthor;
Keith Brunsmann as the troll/Mr. Smith; Kenneth Kimmins
as Dr. Klein;
Matt Roe as Edward Hanson; Pierrino Mascarino as Dr.
Angelo Martinelli;
Leonard Kelly-Young as the detective; Michael Keenan as

Lois and Clark investigate the strange murders of those involved in the
creation of Vixen (see previous episode). They are odd in that the reporters cannot figure out how the murderer got in or out of the rooms. Meanwhile, Leslie attempts to cause a strain in Lois and Clark's marriage, and, to some extent, it works. He makes a pass at Lois and, then, begs her not to tell Clark. Yet, at his first opportunity, he apologizes to Clark, causing Clark to become angry at Lois for not telling him first.

In the end, Lois and Clark make up and link the murders to a wealthy
businessman; however, eventually, they discover that it is really Leslie who is involved. He is using a scientist who was injured in a lab accident and who can travel as a shadow. The reporters also realize that Leslie is Lex's son. More disturbing, however, is the fact that Leslie and the troll possess a tape from Lex which reveals Superman's secret identity.

Classic lines:
1. Dr. Klein: What's on your mind?
Superman: A woman.
Dr. Klein: A woman?
Superman: I'm seeing one.
Dr. Klein: Seeing?
Superman: You know, dating.
Dr. Klein: Dating? You're dating?
Superman: Well, yeah. Yeah. And I have a few questions.
Dr. Klein: No one has ever sat you down and explained these things before? Alright, what I'm about to say may shock you.
Superman: No. No. No. No. What I need to know is, if this woman and I got serious . . .
Dr. Klein: Is this anyone I know?
Superman: Do you think we'd have enough biological compatibility to have children?
Dr. Klein: What? Uh, well, uh, well, the thing is, while in many ways you resemble an Earth human, your biology is clearly different. You couldn't donate blood, for instance. Determining whether you could father a child here would require careful testing.
Superman: Okay.
Dr. Klein: Meanwhile, any relations with your honey must be conducted with extreme caution.
Superman: Of course.
Dr. Klein: Uh, you know what I mean by caution?
Superman: Yeah.
Dr. Klein: Okay. Alright.
Superman: Thanks.
Dr. Klein: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
(Superman flies off)
Dr. Klein: Wow. Who knew.

2. Leslie: (after making a pass at Lois) Please let me apologize. I don't know what got into me. This is a terrible mistake.
Lois: You're damn right it's a mistake. Because, number one, I love my husband. And, number two, Clark is not someone you want mad at you.

3. Clark: I don't understand. Leslie said that you put him in his place, which means he was out of place. So, exactly which place was he in?
Lois: Uh, he kind of made a pass at me.
Kind of made a pass at you?
Lois: Clark, there's no reason to be mad.
Clark: Look, I don't know whether I need to be mad or not. I still don't know what happened.
Lois: It was nothing.
Clark: It was obviously something. Something that Leslie felt so guilty about that he had to clear his conscience the second he saw me.
Lois: So I heard.
Clark: Which brings us right back to the question of why you didn't tell me.
Lois: I tried to tell you earlier what happened, which was that nothing happened. But, because Leslie inexplicably came running to you with that nothing, it then became something.
Clark: So, it is something?
Lois: Look, he was drinking, and he made a mistake for which he is totally humiliated and apologetic. And, he didn't want this infinitesimal incident to affect your working relationship.
Clark: Well,
newsflash. It has.
Lois: Which is why he didn't want to tell you in the first place.
Clark: Well, then, so why did he?
Lois: Because he thought I already had.

4. Clark: Honey, I'm sorry I got a little crazy about the whole Leslie thing.
Lois: I'm sorry I drive men so wild it even became an issue.
Clark: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I saw Dr. Klein.
Lois: And?
Clark: And, he's gonna run some tests and see if we're compatible.
Lois: We're compatible.
Clark: You know what I mean.

Season 4, Episode 19: "Voice From The Past"

(Part 3 of "The Lex Files")

Written by: John McNamara
Directed by: David Grossman
Original airdate: April 26, 1997
Guest stars: Patrick Cassidy as Leslie Luckabee; Keith Brunsmann as
the troll/Mr.
Smith; Kenneth Kimmins as Dr. Klein; Stacy Rukeyser as
Carolyn; Terence
Mathews as the cop.

While Lois and Clark attempt to discover information about Leslie, Leslie
and the troll scheme to control Superman and have Leslie marry Lois, and an explosion rips through a downtown area and kills several Lex Corp employees. The troll scans into Lois' neuron pattern so that he can see
and hear everything she does, and Leslie reveals to Lois that he is Lex
Luthor Jr. and wants to right his father's wrongs. However, we learn that it is really the troll who is Lex's son and who is in love with Lois. Dr. Klein gives Superman encouraging news about the possibility of reproduction.

Leslie tries to blackmail the troll and holds a press conference telling the world that he is Lex's son. When Leslie varies from the troll's script, the troll speaks to Lois in her head and tells her he will reveal Clark's identity if she doesn't do everything he tells her. He also can cause her pain at
will. He has her tell Clark that their marriage is over, but, while she
tells him this, she also writes him a note that says, "Danger." Leslie cleans out Lois' desk and tells everyone that he is going to marry Lois.

Dr. Klein analyzes the explosive device which Superman brought him and
tells Clark that it may be possible to trace the signals it gives off back to the person responsible for the explosion. The troll orchestrates a "date" for Leslie and Lois so that he can live out his fantasy, but Lois refuses
to tell Leslie she loves him. Finally, the troll reveals his identity to
Lois and tells her that he is going to make her live with him below ground. He also shoots Leslie in front of her.

Dr. Klein rigs up a transmitter which shows Superman the troll's hiding place -- just under the Daily Planet. When he arrives, the troll shows him that he can cause Lois pain. He also demonstrates that he can create a force field around himself, which, if penetrated, causes those above ground to die. The troll wants Superman to work for him. Instead, Superman freezes
Lois, making the troll think she is dead. Superman tries to destroy the bomb, as Leslie comes in, but the bomb goes off anyway. After assuring Lois' safety, Superman stops the crumbling of the Daily Planet. Of course, Lois is fine.

Classic lines:

1. Dr. Klein: There's something else that I haven't done in, well, not quite in five years, but close.
Superman: Uh huh.
Dr. Klein: Her name is Carolyn. I met her at a chemical weapons seminar.
Superman: Dr. Klein, lives are at risk here.
Dr. Klein: She is waiting for me right now in a shack on the beach. She's a particle physicist from M.I.T. She's twenty-five, and she thinks I'm a god.
Superman: If you could just take a look at this. It's incredibly sophisticated. I've never seen anything quite like it.
Dr. Klein: A god. She actually e-mailed those words into my hard drive. An Elbert processor. Look at that. Where did you get an Elbert? Those are
highly classified.

2. Dr. Klein: Well, then, why don't you just step down the hall into that little room, and we'll go from there.
Superman: Which little room?
Dr. Klein: That little room there.
Superman: Just me?
Dr. Klein: Just you.
Superman: Alone?
Dr. Klein: Alone.
Superman: What's in the room?
Dr. Klein: Nothing's in the room.
Superman: Nothing?
Dr. Klein: No. Alright, a couple of magazines.
Superman: Oh, okay. I don't understand. What exactly is supposed to happen in there?
Dr. Klein: Oh, God, I could be on a plane right now.

3. (During the staged date)
Leslie: Dance?
Lois: Go to hell.

4. Troll/Lex Luthor, Jr.: Say you love me.
Lois: I . . .
Troll/Lex Luthor, Jr.: Say it, Lois.
Lois: I. . .
Troll/Lex Luthor, Jr.: Say it!
Lois: No!

5. Troll/Lex Luthor, Jr.: But, I'm not alone anymore.
Lois: You'll always be alone.
Troll/Lex Luthor, Jr.: Don't waste your energy hating me.
Lois: I don't hate you. I feel sorry for you. Like your father, you want everything and can give nothing. That is what being alone is.

6. Superman: Well, wouldn't your father be proud. His son turned out to be as sick and deranged as he was.
Troll/Lex Luthor, Jr.: Thank you.

7. Troll/Lex Luthor, Jr.: You'll do anything I ask because you're cursed with a flaw I don't have. You can love. And, you love her.
Superman: I do. I love her enough to know she could never exist like this.

8. Lois: You know, every time I think there is nothing more that could possibly happen to us. . .
Clark: I know.
Lois: But, I don't fight it anymore. That's us. Our lives our just . . .
Clark: What? Weird?
Lois: No.
Clark: Alright, c'mon, our lives our just . . .
Lois: Oh, what's the word I'm searching for? Oh, I know.
Clark: (He hears: "Help! Superman!") Um, I gotta go. Someone's in trouble.
(Clark leaves)
Lois: Perfect.


Season 4, Episode 20: "I've Got You Under My Skin"

Written by: Tim Minear
Directed by: Eugenie Ross-Leming
Original airdate: May 31, 1997
Guest stars: Tim Thomerson as Woody Samms; Stacy Keanan as Becky
Samms; Shaun
Toub as Asabi; Howard George as Little Tony; Joe
Maruzzo as the mug;
Frank Novak as the beat cop; Dorian Gregory as the SWAT
A burglar, Woody Samms, wishes to get out from under a mob contract, so he uses a mystical stone from Asabi, Lex's spiritual advisor, to enter Clark's body and displace Clark into his body. Clark has been interviewing Little Tony, the mobster, so he can get close to him, and when Woody discovers that he is Superman, all hell breaks loose. The mob is now after Clark, who is in Woody's body, and Clark tries to convince Lois that he is him.

When Clark attempts to get back in his own body, Asabi tells Woody that he must kill Superman's soul in order to keep the body forever. Clark finally convinces Lois of who he is, but the mob gets to him before he can
get his body back. However, because the transference weakens the bodies,
even Superman is vulnerable. When Samms' daughter is endangered, Woody gives Clark back his body and he rescues her, but he doesn't have time to prevent Woody from being shot by the mob. However, Woody survives in the form of the mobster's dog.

Classic lines:
1. Lois: I can't believe the first time I looked into your eyes I didn't instantly know you were the man I'd spend my life with.

2. Lois: Why don't we light some candles here? And I'll go out later and
pick up some steaks, and a bottle of wine, clothing optional.
Clark: Ooh, you are making me weak.
Lois: Well, tonight, kryptonite's got nothing on me.

3. Woody (in Clark's body): Wow. How cool is this? I'm not on drugs. I'm Superman.

4. Lois: You'll never be Superman. It's not the suit. It's not even the powers. It's something you'll never have. Character. To be Superman you have to care about something. Something other than yourself.


Season 4, Episode 21: "Toy Story"

Written by: Brad Kern
Directed by: Jim Pohl
Original airdate: June 7, 1997
Guest stars: Grant Shaud as The Toyman; Kenneth Kimmins as Dr.
Klein; Stacey Travis
as Wendy; Mary Frann as Alice; Jeffrey Byron as Alex
Turner; Irene Olga
Lopez as Ms. Beckett; Susan Isaacs as the nanny;
Jillian Berard as Brittany
Turner; Myles Jeffrey as Ryan; Ben McCain as the
anchorman; Brian
McLaughlin as Joey; Laurie Stevens as the woman.

Orphans are being kidnaped in Metropolis, and Lois and Clark set out to
discover who is behind the crimes. The person behind the kidnapings is a toy maker who left Dynacord, the parent company of S.T.A.R. Labs, and he kidnaps Dr. Klein to help him make his reintegrator operational. Meanwhile, Lois considers whether she is ready to have children.

The Toyman then uses the information he extracts from Dr. Klein to kidnap
the children of Dynacord's top execs, and, when he learns that Lois and Clark are interviewing Dynacord's ex-employees, he attempts to get rid of them as well, without success. However, when Lois and Clark get too close, Lois accidentally gets transported to the Toyman's lair. But, Clark gets there in time, thanks to some finagling by Lois, who decides that she is ready for the responsibility of children. Meanwhile, Perry and Alice get back together.
Classic lines:
1. Jimmy: How do you guys do that? How did you even know he had
somewhere to go?
Lois: Oh, well, I, I just . . . can't tell you.

2. Lois: This whole story's just got me thinking about having babies.
Martha: Lois, are you trying to tell me something?
Lois: What? Oh, oh, you think that I'm. . . Oh, no, I'm not. No, I'm not. Really. I mean, not that I wouldn't wanna be. I mean, I wouldn't wanna be right this second, but it's just been crossing my mind lately.
Martha: I see.
Lois: Actually, we're waiting for Dr. Klein to tell us if we can even have kids. Did you ever have any qualms about raising children after you started trying? I mean, did you, did you ever think that you might not be able to handle the responsibility?
Martha: Oh, no. Not once I decided I was ready.
Lois: And, I'll know that I'm ready for this how exactly?
Martha: You just will. When you are, you'll know. Believe me.
Lois: Hmm.

3. Lois: Hard to call it a kidnaping when there's no kidnaper.
Clark: Maybe it's some kind of mind control or a hallucination. Or maybe even some kind of an invisible man.
Lois: Listen to us. What do we do for a living?

4. Lois: (To a child) I'm not going to hurt you. Uh, please stop crying. Really. Well, how about I give you a dollar? Would you like that? Okay, fifty. That's my final offer.

5. Toyman: Why do adults like you always screw things up?
Lois: Sorry, it's what I do.

6. Lois: Oh, oh, wow, look at this. It's a . . . a monster . . . with poisonous fangs and . . .visible intestines. Who wouldn't want to play with this?

7. Lois: Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had to leave his home because his planet was going to explode. And, his mommy and daddy, they didn't have time to build a spaceship big enough for the whole family, so they built one just for him so that he had time to escape. And, then, he traveled millions and millions of miles through space until he landed here, on Earth. And he was really, really scared too because he missed his home
and his mommy and daddy, just like you guys. But, you know who that little boy turned out to be? This little boy turned out to be Superman.
Little girl: Superman was scared too?
Lois: But, you know what he did? He reached down inside, and he found out that he was also really, really brave. So, when you're your most sad or your most scared, you just remember that Superman was scared once too. And, if you believe in yourself, then everything will work out for the best. The end.

8. Dr. Klein: Lois, that was amazing. I'm impressed. How did you know what to do?
Lois: Oh, I don't know maybe I saw it in some old movie or something.
Dr. Klein: Maybe just maternal instinct.
Lois: Nah. . . . You think?

9. Lois: (To Martha) That thing we were talking about before. About being ready. I think I know.

Clark: What was this all about?
Lois: Oh, just girl talk. We'll talk about it upstairs.
Clark: Why upstairs?
Lois: Guess.


Season 4, Episode 22: "The Family Hour" (series finale*)

Written by: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming
Directed by: Robert Ginty
Original airdate: June 14, 1997
Guest stars: Harry Anderson as Dr. Fat Head Mensa; Beverly Garland
as Ellen Lane; Harve Presnell as Sam Lane; Brian George as Misha; Jane
Morris as Constance Bailey; Rick Lawless as Carter Clavens;
Michael E. Bauer as the guard; Eric Fleeks as the lieutenant; Denise
Ryan-Sherman as the female cop.
Dr. Fat Head Mensa is released from prison just as unexplained accidents occur -- Mensa can move objects with the power of thought. At the same time, Lois and Clark learn that they cannot conceive a child but refuse to give up -- they tell Dr. Lane of their predicament, and he begins to work on a solution. Mensa is after Misha, Sam's research assistant, because he didn't stand up for him when he was in trouble, but Misha tells him that he has developed a weapon which would permit Mensa to bend everyone's will to his own.

However, Misha lied. Misha also begins to suspectthat Sam is working on a secret project and attempts to learn what it is. When Misha fills Sam up with truth serum, Sam tells him that his daughter is married to Superman, and Misha tells Mensa so that he won't be killed. The adoption counselor tells Lois and Clark that she cannot place a child in their home because Lois is always in danger, and Mensa kidnaps Ellen, Martha, Sam, and Jonathan once he learns the secret. Mensa holds them hostage so that he can steal a shipment of gold; however, Lois and Clark begin to figure out who is behind the accidents.

When Mensa attempts to steal it, however, Misha helps out the parents, but, when a machine which erases unpleasant memories is activated, Mensa, Sam and Fat Head lose the recollection of Clark's alter ego. Lois and Clark receive a special delivery -- a child wrapped in a Superman blanket with a note attached: "Lois and Clark, this child belongs to you."

Classic lines:
1. Clark: I told myself I'd never make you cry. I'm sorry.
Lois: I feel so confused. I feel like I . . . I feel like I lost something I never really had.
Clark: You haven't lost anything, honey.
Lois: Look, you can't try and make me feel better. I mean that's what you always do with everything, and it's sweet, but I know how much you want to have kids.
Clark: Lois, I want you to hear me. Okay?
Really hear me. Every time . . . every time we make love, we make love. That's the strongest life force there
is, and, whether or not that results in another little person, for me it
is creation.
Lois: Oh, Clark.

Clark: You fill me with life.

2. Lois: Clark, you know how I get when I wanna fix something?
Clark: Well, first, you eat a lot of chocolate while you figure out your next move.
Lois: Check.
Clark: Then, you get that real determined look on your face. Sort of like you've got right now. And, then, the seas part.
Lois: Listen. We have come through almost every conceivable disaster, usually by inconceivable means. And, if conceiving is what we want, I think we're gonna have to be fearless once again.

3. Ellen: You know, this sounds so ridiculous, but I have this crazy feeling that everybody here knows something I don't.
Lois: Oh, mother, what would we know that you don't?
Ellen: Yeah, you're right. I'm being silly. Are you dying?
Lois: No.
Ellen: Oh, well, that's great. Oh, Martha, don't forget to give me the recipe for the popovers.
Martha: Oh, uh, do you bake?
Ellen: No, not really.

4. Ellen: Uh, honey, if you were dying, I'd know, wouldn't I?
Lois: Yes.
Ellen: Before a lot of other people, I mean.
Lois: You would be at the top of my death notification list.
Ellen: Oh, thank you, sweetheart. You'll see. It's the little things that count when you're a mom.

5. Ms. Bailey: Uh, Mr. Kent, you are a model of propriety. You do your job. You make an excellent income. You've shone the spotlight. Out of a possible one hundred points, I gave you a ninety-seven.
Lois: Uh, what did I get?
Ms. Bailey: Something lower. Ms. Lane, on almost a weekly basis, you
manage to dangle above the jaws of death.
Lois: I dangle above the jaws of death?
Ms. Bailey: Like an hors d'oeuvre. Usually in situations so terrifying you require rescue by Superman.
Clark: But, but it's not like she's looking for the jaws of death.
Lois: Yeah, I can't help it.
Ms. Bailey: That's what I'm talking about. You may be what we in psychology call a "thrill addict."
Lois: What!
Ms. Bailey: Someone who places oneself in danger to satisfy some subliminal need. On the face of it, I'd say you've got an obsession with Superman.
Lois: Oh, I, I do not. Nineteen. You gave him a ninety-seven, and you gave me a nineteen and that includes five points for being a U.S. citizen.
Clark: Ms. Bailey, my wife is a complete professional. Someone who cares very, very much about this world. Frankly, she is . . . she's the best person I
know. Any child that is lucky enough to have Lois as their mother will be the luckiest child alive.

6. Ellen: Sam, I don't mean to nag, but do you do any checking on these
crackpots before you sign them up as partners?
Misha: I'm not a crackpot!
Martha: No, dear, trust me, you are.

7. Lois: I'm not sad. I'm angry. You know, it's discrimination. What,
no people with risky jobs can have kids? So, I guess cops and test pilots and trapeze artists can forget it too. And, what does she think? Does she think that I'm deliberately gonna run around sticking my neck out after I adopt a child? I mean, how dumb does she think I am?
Clark: See, this is why I love you.
Lois: Cause I'm crabby?
Clark: No, because you never give up.

8. Clark: I have not for one second doubted in us. We live the
impossible. A child is something brought about by love, isn't it? Well, then that, above all else, has got to be possible for us.

* Lois and Clark had been given a 5th season, but ABC wormed out of the deal so Family Hour became the series unintentional series finale.


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