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Adventures of Superman



As is always the case, Jor-El pleads with the Kryptonian elders to allow him to build ships to transport the doomed citizens of Krypton to safety. Also "as always" they laugh at him



Having only the model rocket, Jor-El and Lara decide to send their infant son Kal-El to Earth.



Eban and Sarah Kent hear a high pitched sound that grows louder. Kal-El's ship crash lands nearby.



Eban rescues the baby from the burning capsule.



The Kents took the baby home and named him Clark.

At the age of twelve, Clark expressed his confusion about being so "different" from the other kids. His mother explained how she and Clark's father had found him in the spaceship. Clark understood, and decided to keep that information secret from the rest of the word.



On the 25th anniversary of Clark's arrival on Earth, the doctor gives Sarah and Clark the bad news about Eban's fatal heart attack. Clark decides to go to the big city to use his powers to help those who might need them.



Clark takes a bus from Smallville to Metropolis where he gets a job at a "great metropolitan newspaper" the Daily Planet.




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