Stunts and Special Effects



A stuntwoman doubling for Teri Hatcher is boosted aloft by an "air ramp"; a pneumatic device often used by stunt coordinators to simulate the force of an explosion on the human body.



In the Lois and Clark episode "A Bolt from the Blue", Lois was made airborne so that a composite shot could be made. In the background, a rapidly approaching vehicle was added as well as a digitally created orange and blue blur representing Resplendent Man. When the shot was completed, it looked as though Lois was being saved from the "snapping jaws of certain death" by the mercenary little superhero.


For flying sequences, Dean was suspended by harness in front of a green screen. Chromakey is a technique in which a camera is made "color blind" to a specific color. In this case everything green becomes invisible.


With the green screen as a mask, Dean's image could be superimposed over various backgrounds.  Dean explains the process click here




Though Clark seemed to spin into Superman at amazing speed, it was really a very slow process on film. Dean Cain had to pose as Clark and Superman as he spun slowly on a revolving platform.

Clark's image would be displaced with Superman's (or vice versa) and then digitally the image would be blurred to indicate increased speed and to soften the transition from Clark to Superman. For a real media file of the process, click here.



It's hard to say if this feat should be termed "stunt" or "special effect". Either way, due to Dean's physical strength, a shot of Clark levitating from a chair could be simply and cheaply accomplished by having the actor hoist himself with the aid of an overhead bar and some super stomach muscles.


Tribute to Lois and Clark's special effects supervisor Mark Zarate


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