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Whether in the comic books or on the TV series, Clark can't handle rejection from Lois Lane.



In the episode 'We Have a Lot to Talk About'(1995), Clark sends the engagement ring sailing into outer space after Lois turns down his proposal. However, Superman represents 'hope' and so it isn't surprising that he flies up and retrieves the ring.



When Lois breaks off the engagement, Superman doesn't take it well, and pitches the ring a la his 3-D television counterpart, and likewise flies aloft to retrieve it.

Superman #111, April 1996


Nothing in the Superman universe is conventional, not even pacing. Clark makes tracks on the ceiling from the episode "Vatman" (1994) and Superman goes barefootin' in Superman #152 (January 2000)


Whether to warm and dry Lois in "We Have a Lot to Talk About" (1995) or to take the chill off of Jimmy in Superman #153 (Feb 2000), heat vision has gotten a lot more versatile.

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