sometimes a shared universe


Superman is trapped in an energy-sapping cage in 'Action Comics' #500 from Oct. 1979. He cleverly uses his belt to snag the key to the cage that Lex Luthor carelessly left behind.




In the episode 'House of Luthor' (1994), Superman finds himself trapped in a Kryptonite cage. His escape is accomplished courtesy of Lex, who not only left the key behind, but a cummerbund to snag it with as well.

When it came to romantic or sweet interludes, both the comics and the series seemed to grasp the 'neverending' attraction.




Lois and Clark fly past the moon on the series from 'We Have a Lot to Talk About' (1995) and in 'Superman Family' #206 from April 1981, Lois and Clark likewise fly past the moon


Lois and Clark share an upsidedown kiss in the episode 'I've Got You Under My Skin' (1997) Lois and Superman share a similar point of view from 'Superman in Action' comics #677 from May 1992.



Jimmy Olsen's signal watch, a staple in the comics for years, was used once on Lois and Clark in the episode Green Green Glow of Home (1995). Where did the watch go? Probably the same place Clark's ping pong table went after one episode.


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