Whether through coincidence or design, Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman shared some distinct similarities with several movies.



The House of Luthor


The Wedding Singer


Two very unhappy brides-to-be confront their mirror images weepily linking their maiden names with their-soon-to-be-husbands' names. Both women, ironically, end their tear festival by linking their names to men in their lives they had only considered "friends" to that point. For a real media file of the matching scenes click here.




The episode "Fly Hard" made no pretense that it was not inspired by the 1988 Bruce Willis film "Die Hard". In fact, the premise of robbers masquerading as terrorists as well as several scenes that match the movie are easily spotted. For a real media file of matching scenes click here.




There are surprisingly few legendary "happy" couples in history, however, Lois Lane and Superman as well as Tarzan and Jane Parker were not only happy, they were playful, loving and totally devoted. For a real media file of a couple of "super" husbands click here.


The persistence of time travel



The fascination with the ability to move forward or backward in time is over a century old in literature and older still in fables and folklore.



The classic film "The Time Machine" (1960), directed by special effects pioneer George Pal, inspired film makers for years to come.



Twenty-five years after Pal's film, "Back to the Future" hit movie screens and became an instant classic spawning two sequels. In all three films the old clock tower of Hill Valley was a focal point.



Perhaps as a century mark tribute to H.G. Wells' novel "The Time Machine" (1895) the creators of Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman were inspired to give viewers "Tempus Fugitive" (1995), the story of H.G. Wells inadvertently unleashing a madman from the future upon present day Metropolis.

"Tempus Fugitive" paid homage to almost all famous time travel movies, however, it also owed a great deal to a lesser known 1979 film "Time After Time" starring Malcolm McDowell (right-hand photo) as H.G. Wells. In this film, Wells, feeling responsible for Jack the Ripper escaping the law by using his time machine invention, chases the famous serial killer into the future. For a real media montage of time travel click here.


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