Though parody isn't exactly the sincerest form of flattery, it does indicate that a television show has reached some modicum of success when MAD Magazine deems it worthy of lampooning.

The adventures of "Lotus and Cluck" from a 1995 issue also illustrated another "collision" in that the sentiment "they're real and they're spectacular" emblazoned on Lotus' chest, comes from the Seinfeld episode "The Implants" wherein Teri Hatcher played one of Jerry's never-ending line of rejected girlfriends.




Those familiar with the classic series Quantum Leap will recall that Sam Beckett "leaped" into the bodies of others to "set right what once went wrong". In the same vein, the Lois and Clark episode "Soul Mates" had the famous couple leaping into the bodies of past incarnations of their own souls to undo an evil curse cast on their love. For a strange collision between the Quantum and Lois and Clark universes click here.




For years in the Superman comics "Bizarro" was known as Superman's "imperfect clone". The traditional depiction ( left-hand photo) was used by Warner Brothers' Superman animated series. Clearly Bizarro looked like Frankenstein's monster, and likewise spoke in equational sentences. On Lois and Clark, however, "Vat Man" was indistinguishable physically from the original he was cloned from, but emotionally he functioned on a juvenile level.

Lois Lane was made a bit uncomfortable in both versions when "Superman" used the old "stretch and yawn" ploy in order to get his arm around her. For a real media file of the comparison click here.





Though Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman and The X Files had little in common beyond a male and female investigative team, some of their story premises definitely overlapped.

Both shows explored the concepts of "soul mates", "body swapping", "time loops" (the same day repeating itself over and over) and parallel realities.



Speaking of parallel universes, they have been around as a story device nearly as long as time travel. The allure of a "twin" out there somewhere leading a life similar or totally different from our own, remains a fascinating concept for authors and film makers. For a tongue in cheek look at parallel universes as they apply to Lois and Clark click here.




Lois Lane always got the Superman "exclusives". Not just because Lois was the best reporter in Metropolis, but also because Superman (Clark) was smitten with her. All three Lois Lanes ask Superman "why" he's here. For a real media montage click here.



Good, bad or otherwise, Superman always makes news. For a real media file of newspapers reporting the first sighting of Superman click here.


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