"Panic in the Sky", written by Jackson Gillis for the original Adventures of Superman, and "All Shook Up", teleplay by Bryce Zabel based on Gillis' story idea written for Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman, obviously shared the same main plot premise, however, they also shared some fairly similar scenes and imagery.



The morning sky above Metropolis is suddenly eclipsed.



The reason for the eclipse became apparent. An asteroid (dubbed "Nightfall" in All Shook Up), was heading towards Earth.



In both episodes, a diligent scientist keeps track of the impending disaster.



Superman is apprised of the situation. He becomes the only hope the Earth has.



Superman takes off to do what he was born to do -- be the hero.



An immovable object encounters an irresistible force at high velocity.



Thrown back to Earth by the force of the asteroid, Superman finds he has quite a headache, but no memory.



Finding the Superman costume doesn't help Clark believe he is Superman.



Sometimes practical application is the best proof. One Clark smashes a table in frustration. The other has a baseball bat broken against his chest. The bat was the loser in the encounter.



Memory restored, it's time for the glasses to come off.



Superman is ready to finish the job he started.


For a look at the difference in story focus, click here.


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