The Difference in Focus

Since Lois and Clark was character driven with a focus on romance and comedy, that emphasis marked the principal difference between "All Shook Up" and its predecessor "Panic in the Sky".



Clark, though having no memory of his life, feels that there is some special connection to Lois. She assures him they are just friends, but he has to ask, "Are we more than friends?"


Lois lets Clark know that they work "closely" together, but then he wants to know "how close". Lois replies, "Close. Not close close, but close." Though no doubt disappointed by the answer, Clark tells Lois that he bets that she's a great reporter. That's a signal to Lois that his memory is getting better already.


Once Jonathan and Martha arrive in Metropolis, Clark believes they might not really be his parents when they offer up the crazy idea that he's Superman. His father takes the direct approach to convince him.


Finally convinced that he is Superman, but not remembering how to be Superman, Clark's mother decides to push her baby bird from the nest in hopes it will make him remember how to fly.


The "hands on" approach failing, Clark asks Lois about Superman. Since Superman was more real to Lois than to Clark, her vivid memories of the hero restored Clark's memory of Superman.


Though the beginning of the romance between Lois and Clark wouldn't start for another year, their genuine affection and respect for each other was already in place. Their friendship created a foundation for love that even the Nightfall asteroid could not knock out of orbit.




Clark Kent was often used for "sight gags", but in the Adventures of Superman and in Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman, both versions of Clark Kent abuse punching bags at a gym. For a real media file of the comparison click here.


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