The historic first meeting of Lois Lane and Superman


After watching a strange "caped marvel" destroy a car and the thugs who had kidnapped her, Lois was left speechless during her first encounter with Superman.

It's interesting to note that only Lois Lane, Clark Kent and Superman would be recognized by fans in this old story. There was no Perry White, Jimmy Olsen or Daily Planet.


After the first of what would become countless rescues of Lois Lane, Superman took her back to the city.

Notice the odd flying stance. That's because Superman isn't flying. In the earliest comics he didn't fly, he leaped an eighth of a mile at a "single bound".

Dropping Lois off, Superman warned her not to print the story, but being Lois Lane ...


She ignored the warning and headed straight to the editor. Unfortunately, he didn't believe her story.

The die was cast. Lois would fall in love with Superman and give the cold shoulder to Clark Kent and his Casper Milquetoast guise for years to come.


A never-ending joke was born. Glasses on, he was Clark Kent. Glasses off, he was Superman, and Lois was the butt of the joke because she couldn't figure it out.

However, it was much more than a pair of glasses that disguised Clark Kent, at least to Lois Lane ...

      What if Clark Kent stopped being a disguise?

... Continued

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