LAFF 2000

The Banquet


The main function at most banquets is to eat, chat, laugh and go back for seconds ... on all three. LAFF 2000 seemed to uphold that tradition. Fans said the food and service provided by the hotel were excellent.


Another tradition at banquets is entertainment. Kristin (left), seems bemused by the lyrics of Laurie's romantically tragic ballad Twisty Tie. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Laughter has that effect on people.


Also traditional at banquets are awards and presentations -- in this case well deserved. Chris Paterson, LAFF 2000 organizer, was awarded her very own star on the Walk of Fame as well as a beautiful Superman cake. 


Unexpected guests aren't actually a tradition of most banquets, but perhaps LAFF has started one. Scott Cranford, an actor-model who portrayed the Man of Steel at the Superman Festival in Metropolis, Illinois, dropped in at the banquet.

Fans said he's even more handsome when he smiles.


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