LAFF 2000

The Costume Party

Whether a matter of design and execution, or simply off the rack and on your back, wearing a costume is a familiar theme among Superman fans.


Few in the non-FoLC world would understand the significance of Tasha (left) wearing a bathrobe and sporting a spatula, however, fans of Lois and Clark would easily recognize Lois Lane's ensemble from the episode I'm Looking Through You.


Sheila Harper (left), always a bride as Myrtle Beech, the Wedding Destroyer. However, Sheila, unlike her villainous counterpart, has a picture of Dean Cain in her locket, not Robert Singer.


Kathy and Susanna (left) went for a slightly more aggressive motif. They found the bouncers from the Stoke Club appealing. Probably because they got to push Clark around.


Nothing is too obscure or bizarre for Lois and Clark fans to choose as a costume. Donna (2nd from left) is dressed as Phil, the pet shop owner from the episode I Now Pronounce You and Nicole (far right) decided to be the Kryptonian virus from Home is Where the Hurt is.


Lastly, the award for best master of ceremonies goes to Mike (left) and the award for best costume goes to Jenny Mills as Dr. Klein.  

Other costumes included red Kryptonite, Supergirl, Miss Goodbottom, Perry White as the fortuneteller, Lois' cooking utensils, Lord Kal-El, Jimmy's Rhodes scholar girlfriend, Lady Loisette and Sir Charles.


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