LAFF 2000

The Flight of Fancy Premiere



Dean grins for the camera at Paramount studios where the premiere of Flight of Fancy was held.





Fans gathered outside the spacious Paramount theater as they awaited the premiere of Fight of Fancy. For most fans it would be the first time they'd ever seen Dean Cain on the big screen. That Dean himself showed up in person was an added bonus.


There are probably few celebrities as kind and generous with fans as Dean Cain. Though he missed the free meal at the banquet, he posed for several photos and signed autographs at the premiere. 


The gray bangs and glasses visible to the right don't belong to Martha Kent, but to LAFF organizer Chris Paterson. She's not telling Clark to fly back to Lois, she's asking Dean about auction items. However, Dean seems to be making a great Clark, "But mom!" expression.


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