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In the Gilligan's Island lyric, this would be known as the "and the rest" category. These photos have no real category of their own, but serve as memories of various moments that took place during LAFF. As in this case, Chris setting things up in preparation for the arrival of LAFF attendees.


This is Chris' room, AKA Grand Central Station. Chris served as den mother and house mother to the LAFF attendees. Best of all, she had a laptop, a lifeline to the fans who couldn't be there, but who wanted to know every detail of what was  happening in LA.


A few fans met in the hotel restaurant where the waiters were kept busy rearranging the tables each time more fans dropped in.  As to what Dharsh is trying to demonstrate to Kristin, if it has anything to do with Dean Cain's copious posterior, the less said, the better.


Fans also did the tourist thing. Lois and Clark fans tended to search the shops in Hollywood looking for still photos of the stars of the series.

However there was one search group on the prowl for old tabloids that might contain Dean and/or Teri gossip, always a crowd pleaser on the gossip message board.


Lastly, what can be said of the multifaceted Laurie Collins? Whether she's hawking CDs of her favorite band, practicing hard to become a member of her favorite band, or wearing a purloined press pass to get a photo of the brother of a member of her favorite band, she's totally dedicated, and utterly shameless.

That's all FoLCs.


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