LAFF 2000

Warner Brothers Tour


Fans gathered on the steps of the Metropolis courthouse, a location where Bill Church Jr. gave a press conference and where Mayson Drake accused Superman of being a vigilante. Fans wanted to stage a sit-in demanding the return of Lois and Clark, but you can't fight City Hall, or Disney.


Neal Ahern spoke with fans briefly at Warner Bros. He was an Assistant Director for Lois and Clark all four seasons. He directed the episode Faster Than a Speeding Vixen.

He said that Teri Hatcher could be difficult and that Dean could be bratty. Translation: the stars would sometimes disagree with the director.


The fans posed in front of the edifice of what had once been the Daily Planet exterior.  The subway entrance in front of them was built especially for Lois and Clark in 1995.


Fans invaded the Kent farmhouse, or rather the second Kent farmhouse. The first had been damaged during an earthquake that occurred during the series' first season. Fans visiting said not to eat Jonathan's spicy chicken. It's deadly.


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