Have you been to Metropolis Lately?



The black and white "tattoo" promo ads were not produced to sell the series so much as sell the chemistry between Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. The ads also served to emphasize that this would be a different telling of the Superman legend.


ABC scored a small coup by having Dean and Teri lined up as presenters at the 1993 Emmy Awards. Their humor and chemistry once again was emphasized.


The proof is in the pilot



No matter how clever the ad campaigns or the cast appearances were, it would still come down to the pilot. If it couldn't make good on its own merits, no amount of advertising was going to save it.




Fortunately the pilot was a charming blueprint for the series and garnered high marks from the critics. It introduced a new spin on legendary characters and it was the characters who became the linchpins of the series.



The characters of Lois and Clark were so well drawn in the pilot episode that anything that was true of them there would be true of them throughout the run of the series.

Lois put on a tough facade, but had a marshmallow center. Clark, who had never been in love before he met Lois Lane, realized that love changed all the rules.


When worlds collide



Once the series was launched officially, it had one drawback and one plus, and they were both named Superman. There were those who tuned in initially because they were Superman fans, while others refused to even give the show a chance fearing it would be a comic book show.

Those who tuned in hoping to see a "twenty-something" version of Moonlighting were put off by the jarring intrusion of a comic book hero. Conversely, those who tuned in to see a comic book hero were disappointed to find the Man of Steel reduced basically to cameo appearances. This clash was costly to the first season ratings.


When Lois and Clark and seaQuest DSV hit their mid-season points, critics were complaining that neither show had lived up to the potential shown in their respective pilots. More important to the networks, however, were the ratings and neither show was performing well. Both NBC and ABC ordered changes. Part 3



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