"There's a rose in a fisted glove"


There were certainly some strange mixed messages in the Lois Lane comics. On the one hand, Lois seemed content to walk down the aisle with anyone, although she wanted Superman. On the other hand, Superman, who made dodging the altar something of a cottage industry, taunted Lois for marrying someone other  than himself.

Lois marrying some other meta-human, or costumed crime-fighter, seemed to press Superman's buttons more than any other type of connubial union Lois attempted to make. 

Perhaps Superman only felt threatened when the groom-to-be was an equally powerful being. 


"And the eagle flies with the dove"


In the previous comic, Superman expressed a heartfelt "serves you right," when Lois suffered second thoughts over marrying Titan Man, yet in this comic, Superman berated himself for not marrying Lois and thus losing her to someone else.

Not that Superman's sense of regret lasted long. The marriages were always doomed,  part of a scheme, or an imaginary story where Lois found herself just as single at the end as she had been at the beginning.

Any hasty promises Superman might have made under duress were quickly reset in light of whatever the contrivance of the story turned out to be, and the Man of Steel breathed a super sigh of relief.


"And you can't be with the one you love ..."


There was a minor tradition in the comics of the Silver Age that involved pairing Lois Lane with Bruce Wayne (Batman). However, unlike the tradition of pairing Superman with Wonder Woman, which was almost always done for the sake of sexual titillation, the Lois match-up with Batman was often done at Lois Lane's expense.

It was apparently all right to trifle with a woman's heart as long as it was done in the name of superhero male bonding. Also, notice Superman bemoaned the fact that Lois loved Wayne rather than Batman. Superman of this era saw Clark Kent as only a disguise, but for whatever reason, he wanted Lois to fall in love with that false persona rather than his true self.


A sidebar on the Lois/Batman teaming. The tradition continues to this day as illustrated by the picture on the right, which appeared almost thirty years after the one on the left, in Detective Comics dated May 2001. However, as also illustrated, Lois is still not let in on the joke. Not just by Batman, but by her ever-loving husband Superman.  Oh, well, contrite grins replaced the belly laughs.


"Love the one you're with"


Speaking of that false persona, there were occasions when Lois marched down the aisle with Clark Kent, albeit suffering great disappointment with every step.

This was another idiosyncrasy of the wedding issues. Love and marriage went together like a horse and ... roller skates.  The two were almost always mutually exclusive. 

Since love had little to do with the wedding match-ups, they existed to explore and exploit a particular theme. In the case of this issue, it was irony. Had Lois gone through with a wedding to Clark Kent, she would have found herself also married to her one true love -- Superman.


Be careful what you wish for ... continued

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