Man and Superman


Superman had few weaknesses and so it was often difficult to find a viable force to use against him. However, somewhere down the road of  his evolution, he was made susceptible to magic and supernatural power.

A villain decided to exploit that weakness in the 40th anniversary issue by hiring a wizard to cast a spell ridding the world of Superman forever.

What the wizard couldn't have known, of course, was that Superman had an alter ego named Clark Kent. Since Superman wasn't killed so much as banished from existence, there was nothing stopping Clark Kent from continuing on in his absence. 

And he did ...


Up from Superman's ashes arose a new Clark Kent. One with no memory of Superman and therefore a Clark Kent who, for the first time, was not a disguise, but a real man.


No longer needing to pretend to be a coward or weakling, Clark became a passionate crusading reporter. His sudden turn of bravery surprised everyone, but none more than Lois Lane who found the "new" Clark Kent quite attractive.


Clark Kent takes a wife continued

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