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Lana Lang was known as "Superboy's childhood sweetheart," but beyond that she only really had one other function once she grew up, that of Lois Lane's chief rival for Superman.

Ironically, Lana Lang was often remembered as a sweet hometown girl by fanboy readers, but most of the time she was anything but sweet. Her single-minded fixation as a girl in Smallville was to unmask Clark Kent as Superboy.

She functioned mainly as a teen adjunct to Lois Lane, who, as an adult during the "kiddie years" of the comics, spent a lot of time trying to unmask Clark Kent as Superman. 


When Lois Lane got her own comic, Lana Lang was imported to make certain that nothing really romantic ever happened. However, both Lana and Lois' obsession with unmasking Clark Kent didn't seem to carry over into the Lois Lane comic book. 

Instead, the women wasted a great deal of time, energy and years trying to discover who Superman preferred, or attempted to discredit each other in Superman's eyes. 

Superman, on the other hand, probably enjoyed stringing them both along since he was immortal in those days and they could have fought to the grave over him and he wouldn't age a day.


As with the above example, ridiculously ingenious machinery was sometimes part of the competition. Lois, outfitted with an emotion detector, was put to the test.

According to Lois' anxious thought bubble, Superman hated jealous women. Yet, with his tendency to string both women along and not commit to either, he helped create the jealousy he claimed to hate.

It would seem that a rational woman could tell Superman wasn't worth the trouble, but after a while it became clear that Lois and Lana seemed to live more for the rivalry itself, rather than the victory of one day wearing the crown as "Mrs. Superman."




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