super girls, super dogs and scheming females



By the 1950s, with the intrusion of television and competition from other comic book heroes, the Superman comics seemed interested in attracting a very young boy market. Stories of investigative reporting, mobsters, and political corruption gave way to stories children could better appreciate.

A cousin with super powers, pets with super powers and "imaginary" stories, filled the comics of this era. Romantic interludes were likewise kept on a child's level of understanding and kept to a bare minimum.


Little boys didn't have much interest in a real woman like Lois Lane or an adult romance. However, a mermaid would be okay as long as Superman didn't get too mushy about her. So, of course, it was a never-meant-to-be type of romance. A farewell kiss was as steamy as it got.


Lois, no longer really competing against Clark for stories, began competing as a love interest for Superman's affection against Lana Lang, Superboy's childhood sweetheart from Smallville. Lois' role had more or less become one of an annoying sibling image.



  Keeping with the annoying sibling image, Lois' main preoccupation seemed to be that of unmasking Clark as Superman, or vice versa.

Perhaps portraying Lois as a snooping sister at least gave her an image little boys could identify with. Not necessarily like, but understand.

No matter how cleverly thought out or executed, Lois' schemes were always foiled by Superman.


With the waning 60s and early 70s, there was something of a strange sexual undertone added to the comics. next


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