Christopher Reeve (1952- 2004) Played Superman in four motion pictures from 1978 to 1987. Though suffering a paralyzing injury in 1995, Reeve remained active in the film industry and maintained a "super" spirit.




The 1978 Superman film capitalized on a generalized public perception of Superman mythology rather than the more obscure comic book canon of the era.

This gave the film the advantage of reacquainting audiences with "old friends" rather than introducing them to "strangers" with vaguely familiar names. A wise decision given the fact that only a small percentage of potential movie-goers read Superman comic books.




Standing over six feet tall, sporting coal black hair and piercing blue eyes, Christopher Reeve looked as though he stepped right off the cover of Action Comics.


While Reeve's depiction of Superman was indisputably impressive, his wide-eyed innocent and terribly geeky depiction of Clark Kent got mixed reviews. Fans either laughed or cringed.


Though Superman and Clark Kent were painted very nearly as opposites, they did share a couple of common bonds. They were both charmingly square, and both hopelessly in love with Lois Lane.



Real media file of Superman rescuing Lois Lane.

Real media file of Superman rescuing the helicopter.



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