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Back in the days when heroes only spoke and listeners invented what they looked like, the Superman radio show debuted on February 12, 1940.

The Superman radio show created at least two permanent contributions to the Superman legend; Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen and Superman's bane --Kryptonite.


Everything from the sound of footsteps to Superman flying was performed by what today would be called foley artists (named for sound effects pioneer Jack Foley). While sound effects are added in post production today, they were performed live during radio's heyday.
Bud Collyer was the voice of Superman more years than any other actor Publicity still of radio show cast. L-R: Jackie Kolk (Jimmy Olsen), Joan Alexander (Lois Lane), Announcer Jackson Beck, and Bud Collyer as Superman/Clark Kent
The most important sound, however, belonged to the characters. It was important to find someone who could make Clark Kent and Superman sound distinctly different.

Bud Collyer, who had given Superman and Clark Kent voice in the Paramount Fleischer cartoons, was chosen to reprise the characterization for radio.



Buy Kellogg's Pep! Superman says, "It's super delicious!"


  When the Superman radio program originally debuted, it aired three times a week in 15 minute installments. It was a "sustained" program. That meant it had no national sponsor.

However, when local advertisers discovered how profitable Superman was, Kellogg's stepped in and finally gave the Man of Steel a national sponsor.


Superman radio program sound files


  Jorel foretells the fate of Krypton
  Superman's origins Part 1
  Superman's origins Part 2
  Lois and Clark are introduced


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