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Dean Cain (1966- ), born Dean Tanaka, adopted by his stepfather Christopher Cain, logged more onscreen hours playing the "strange visitor" than any other actor in history as the star of Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman


This is the only version of the legend where Lois Lane is every bit as important as Clark Kent in creating, maintaining and protecting Superman.

Not to mention it's a version that gave Superman something much more pleasant to think about than bouncing bullets off his chest.




Though the series took the traditional route in the early going -- Lois barely tolerating Clark Kent while throwing herself at his "super" alter ego -- a true friendship between Lois and Clark began to form. By the middle of the series' second season, it developed into a romantic relationship.



With the beginning of its third season, Lois was let in on the secret. The show found its own signature voice and humor. There was something irresistible about the strongest man in the world arguing with his girlfriend in the middle of a "Superman" crisis, or, as happened in the series' fourth season, Lois Lane, the wife of Clark Kent, being found in bed with Superman.



In the final analysis, Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman, was a story about human joy and triumphs of the heart rather than "meta-human" heroism and flawless valor. It wasn't about "speeding bullets", "leaping tall buildings", or even a "great metropolitan newspaper". It was about two outcasts, one from Earth and one from Krypton, who found each other, fell in love, and happily lived in a unique exile together where they judiciously guarded the secret of Superman.


The Supporting Cast


Lane Smith played Perry White, who in this incarnation, was a rabid Elvis fan. Justin Whalin played Jimmy Olsen, replacing Michael Landes who played Jimmy during the first season only. K Callan and Eddie Jones played Martha and Jonathan Kent. Beverly Garland and Harve Presnell joined the cast third season as Lois' divorced and battling parents Ellen and Sam Lane.

Also joining the cast third season was Kenneth Kimmins who played Dr. Klein of STAR Labs. He was a smart and much needed addition. Not only did Metropolis need at least one non-evil scientist, but it was also helpful for Superman to have a personal physician and a good friend.



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