"I said nine, I thought you'd be naked ..."

If all else fails, there's always physical attraction, and though Lois attempted to present a facade of disinterest, she couldn't ignore Clark's ... attributes. If nothing else, Lois realized there was more to Clark than met the eye.


Much closer to Lois' heart, however, was success on the journalistic battlefield. When their investigation paid off, Lois gave Clark an impetuous hug. Encouraged by the hug, Clark asked Lois to dinner. When she balked, he softened the "date" implication by saying they should celebrate. Lois agreed, but ...



"I have three rules I live by ..."


When she remembered she had to keep her appointment to interview Lex Luthor, Clark, instead of rescheduling their celebration, behaved like a jealous and possessive boyfriend. He asked Lois how far she was willing to go for a story.

As could be expected, she turned on Clark angrily and told him that she had three rules: "I never get personally involved with my stories, I never let anyone else get there first, and I never sleep with anyone I work with."


Despite having shot himself in the foot with Lois, Clark just couldn't stay away.  He hung out by her apartment ... literally ... waiting for her to return from her date with Lex. He then eavesdropped on Lois and her sister's conversation. His attraction was becoming an obsession.

To Clark's credit, though, he did not stay long after her return, nor did he repeat that behavior, behavior he probably felt he was incapable of ... before he met Lois Lane.



"Remember my three rules? Well, I've broken every one of them."


One thing Lois became famous for early on in her relationship with Clark, including the pilot episode, were her "deathbed confessions." On this occasion, Lois confessed to Clark that she had broken every one of her three rules, which in turn led Clark to observe, "I guess when you're in love with somebody, it doesn't matter how smart you are, or how many rules you set for yourself, you're still vulnerable." Lois concurred, "We're only human."



"Well, one thing's for sure, nobody's gonna be looking at your face."


Perhaps what Clark really needed to impress Lois was a make-over. Maybe she didn't make passes at men who wore glasses.




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