"Some hack from Nowheresville"

Even though Clark Kent had been around the world, on an emotional and social level, he hadn't realistically been around the block. There was nothing jaded about him. He maintained a charming naive optimism, an optimism that would become essential very shortly.

However, his optimism could not compensate for a restless longing he felt, a desire to fit in -- to belong. He believed the city of Metropolis was calling him, but perhaps it was something in the city.



"Complicated, domineering, uncompromising, pig-headed ... brilliant."


At first glance, Lois Lane seemed a cosmic opposite of Clark Kent. Cynical, pessimistic, and emotionally sealed off, she wasn't "longing," she was running. She didn't have "dates" she had "interviews," and that she often couldn't tell the difference was at the heart of her own brand of naiveté. 

Shortly, however, Lois would be faced with the one thing a cynic has no defense against -- real magic. The magician wouldn't have the traditional top hat, but he would have a cape.



"Lois Lane, meet Clark Kent."

Unlike other series that often tend towards a confrontational, humorous introduction of the male and female leads to set a tone, Lois and Clark's first meeting was quite subdued by comparison. Lois scarcely acknowledged Clark's presence, and Clark was busy being turned down for a job.

However, their first meeting did seem to prey on Clark's mind, especially Lois declining to do a mood piece because she "wasn't in the mood."  Clark did the story himself, and Perry White, admiring Clark's initiative, hired him and partnered him with Lois Lane. Of course Ms. Lane was resentful, but this bit of lore from the series also showed a departure from the comics the series was based on.



In the comics, Clark had secured a job at the Daily Planet by scooping Lois with the very first Superman exclusive. That, in turn, created a bitter rivalry, not to mention it made Clark seem somewhat opportunistic rather than clever. By avoiding this particular pitfall, Lois and Clark were set to begin an ever-evolving relationship, which included escorting Lois to the White Orchid ball as her non-date date.

Clark's interest in Lois intensified and not even Lex Luthor was a deterrent to Clark's attempt to impress Lois by mentioning that he'd been taught how to dance by a Nigerian princess. Not that he impressed her, of course.



Fortunately, one quality Clark had in abundance was patience. Though not impressed with the Nigerian princess story, Lois was impressed with Clark's choice of Chinese take-out. Why not, it came from China after all. However, Clark's success was fleeting.

A moment of silence, their eyes locked on each other, and Lois decided to break the awkward moment. "Don't fall for me farm boy, I don't have time for it."




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