WB V.I.P Tours

The tour starts here at the WB V.I.P tours building. You are shown a 20 minute film illustrating the history of the lot, and from there you are taken by your tour guide to the tour trams.

Below you can see Karen Wolcanzski (Kwiz), myself Jackie MacPherson (JacMac) and Jo McBride (Elifiknow). Behind the camera is Dom Melaragni (FlakeyDom).

I'd like to thank both Jo and Dom for helping me with this project. Jo took my rough plans and turned it into what you're looking at today ;) and Dom was our cartographer.

Time to explain the arrows. You will use them to direct yourself around the tour. If you get lost ( it's easily done ;), select the centre and it will take you to a map of the lot.

Click on it now for your tour to begin. Hope you have fun!

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