A great many people are responsible for this site's existence and its content


While I have no site "crew," that is, I do everything myself and that's why updates take so long, I do have several people I'd like to thank for helping me make this site something that I'm very proud of.

I thank Demi for her technical know-how and instructing me on the ins-and-outs of creating my own site.

I thank Georgia Walden for her invaluable help providing scans, screen captures, media files and information on Earth II, Lois Lane, and Superman Family comics, the Superman musical and for editing the pages for me.

I thank Tank for all the wonderful Lois Lane cover scans.

I thank Eileen Ray for numerous scans, test driving pages, and being able to remember the silver/bronze age Superman with amazing clarity.

I Thank Andrea for her incredible screen captures.

I thank Widget Girl for checking the speed of loading for Web TV users.

I thank Bob Phelps for allowing me to house the Lois and Clark FAQ on this site.

Special thanks to Diane Coyne for her suggestions to the addendum on the dailies page.

I also thank a number of FoLC (Fans of Lois and Clark) for their help in compiling episode guides and Concordance information as well as sharing their music videos.

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